Gingerbread House Pattern – Easy One Room House

Easy One Room Gingerbread House

The most popular and easiest of all Gingerbread House plans is this One Room House. You will require lesser time to bake and assemble it and have more fun time decorating it in any way you like.

Easy One Room Gingerbread House

This classic Gingerbread house can be made with or without a chimney. The blueprint below if for a simple house without the chimney on the roof. If you would like to add a Dormer and a Chimney, follow these instructions.

One Room House - Easy Gingerbread House Blueprint

Once you are done baking and assembling, look up ideas for:

Gingerbread House Construction & Decorating Ideas

Gingerbread House Landscaping Ideas

Gingerbread House 101

Gingerbread House 101 - Recipes, Templates, Decorating Ideas and More

Whether pre-bought from a local bakery or made fresh in your oven, Gingerbread Houses give your children and teenagers the opportunity to transform your home with wonderful aromas and festive decorations that are oh so good enough to eat…. they love being creative and enjoy it all the more when they can eat their art supplies.

Gingerbread House 101 - Recipes, Templates, Decorating Ideas and More

From the very simple designs for those busy moms and dads to challenging blueprints for art projects for those artists among us, we’ve got it all. We’ve also included some gingerbread recipes for holiday gifts, Hanukkah and potlucks…Let the decorating begin!!!

Gingerbread House Basics

Gingerbread Party

Gingerbread House General Construction Plan

Gingerbread House Construction & Decorating Ideas

Gingerbread House Landscaping Ideas

Building Materials for Gingerbread House Making

Gingerbread House – No Bake Alternatives

Gingerbread Recipes

Basic Gingerbread Recipe

Royal Icing Cement (“not” edible)

Almost Buttercream Cement (edible)

Gingerbread Ornaments

Gingerbread Gift Recipes

Gingerbread House Blueprints

One-room house

Victorian house


Country store

Log cabin

Dormer & Chimney

Gingerbread House Ideas

Victorian Gingerbread House Decorating Ideas

Rolled Wafer Log Cabin – No Bake ‘Gingerbread’ House

Gingerbread House Blueprint – Victorian House

Gingerbread House Blueprint - Victorian House

Our detailed blueprint for a Gingerbread Victorian House will help you perfectly create a tabletop old-fashioned, opulent house for Christmas that you will fall in love with!

See detailed decorating ideas at Decorating Ideas for a Gorgeous, Victorian Gingerbread House and download the pattern below.

Download Pattern

Gingerbread House Blueprint - Victorian House

Victorian Gingerbread House Blueprint

This blueprint is at 100%. You can enlarge the original sized blueprint further to make your house larger.

victorian- gingerbread house blueprint

Once you are done constructing the Victorian Gingerbread House, its time to start decorating:

Gingerbread House Construction & Decorating Ideas

Gingerbread House Landscaping Ideas

Gingerbread House Blueprint – Chapel

Gingerbread House Blueprint - Chapel

You can make a simple country church or a grand cathedral. This Gingerbread House pattern can be embellished as you wish.

Gingerbread House Blueprint - Chapel

Stained glass windows will set this chapel in a special way.

Country Chapel Gingerbread House Blueprint

Piece the main part of the church together. Place the smaller stair piece on top of the larger one to create a short stairway, and position the entryway at the top of the stairs.

Use licorice, icing, or candy canes cut to size to make the cross. Don’t forget an ice-cream-cone steeple!

I'll be Home for Christmas – Short Christmas Story of Hope and Joy

I'll be Home for Christmas - Short Christmas Story of Hope and Joy

Read a short Christmas story of hope and joy as a family is reunited for Christmas.

I'll be Home for Christmas - Short Christmas Story of Hope and Joy

In the 12 years they’d been together, Jane Dunbar had never spent a Christmas apart from her husband, Rod. But it was Dec. 21, 1999, and Rod and seven other United Pipeline Systems workers had been missing in the jungles of Ecuador for more than three months.

Dunbar and his colleagues were being held for ransom by armed guerillas. They had already killed one person. The company was negotiating for the men’s release. Every day, at home in Edmonton, Jane fought her fear. She lay in their comfortable bed at night, tormented with thoughts about where Rod was sleeping. But through stress-aggravated migraines, a panic attack, and constant worry, she remained strong. The Dunbars’ seven-year-old daughter, Krissy, needed her.

Rod had often been away for months at a stretch laying or repairing pipelines in foreign countries. He’d missed some holidays – but never Christmas. Jane clung to her conviction that Rod would make it out of the jungle alive. “I just thought he was coming home, no matter what,” she says.

As Christmas approached, Jane and Krissy kept the faith. They bought presents for Rod and decorated the tree. But Krissy stopped Jane from placing their hand-made angel on top of the tree. That was the job Krissy and Rod did together.

Four days before Christmas, the phone rang. Racing upstairs, Jane missed the call. She was in time to hear Rod’s voice on the answering machine. A few minutes later, he called back – and Jane knew he was free.

On Dec. 23, Rod Dunbar stepped through the door of his Edmonton home. Seconds later, Krissy dragged him down to the recreation room where the Christmas tree stood. Calling on all the endurance left in muscles weakened from his imprisonment, Rod hoisted his daughter above his head – and she placed the Christmas angel atop their tree.

By Laura Eggertson

DIY Christmas Stockings

DIY Christmas Stockings

Easy DIY Christmas Stockings

Stock Up On Stockings

Don’t wait for holes to appear. Update your stockings with these fresh and creative designs for making these homespun holiday creations. Just one base stocking can be styled in different ways. We show here five beautiful stockings for you to sew for Christmas. Whether you make a pristine white stocking for Baby’s First Christmas or a pieced or basket-weave pattern that shows off your passion for patchwork and crafting, lend your style and personality to the stockings you choose to make.

DIY Christmas Stockings

Stocking PatternsMaking a Basic Stocking

Material Required:

• Fabric – by yard or scraps depending upon the stocking you choose to make
• Fabric material for batting
• Fabric material for lining

Easy Instructions for making a basic stocking:

1. Take an old stocking to use as a template or use this pattern. Use a Copier to enlarge or make smaller, the pattern. Depending upon the type of stocking you want to make, change the top fold and heel.

2. Draw the stocking, keeping ¼ inch on all sides for sewing allowance.

3. Draw on main fabric, batting and lining. Baste the three cutouts together. Make two sets of each for making the two sides.

4. Take a strip of contrasting material and sew to the top edge of the stocking. Now join both the sides, keeping right sides facing each other.

5. Turn inside out and attach a small loop for hanging.


1. Use Christmas Print Material.

Leftover scraps from
other craft projects or an old or unused piece of fabric is what you need.

The loop is made using thin satin ribbon in a contrasting color.

2. Raggedy

To give a raggedy look, attach a small piece of material at the heel before joining both sides.

3. Strip Quilted Stocking

For strip piecing, lay strips of material on a base material and sew on strip by strip. Make a rectangle piece by joining the strips and then lay the template on it and cut to shape.

4. Baby’s First Christmas Stocking

Using Lace or Indian Chikan material, make the template in a smaller size, and proceed in the same manner as ordinary stockings. Embellish with Flowerets.

5. Basket Weave Stocking

Take 4 inch broad strips and fold and sew to form ribbons. Turn inside out and iron. On a rectangular base material, make a basket weave. Stitch along the sides to keep the weave in place. Draw the stocking outline on it and STITCH on the outline, twice. This will help keep the weaves in place. Cut the outline keeping a margin of ¼ inch all around. Now sew on the strip at the mouth of the stocking and proceed as for other stockings. This uses all leftover scraps after sewing.

This article first appeared in the ‘Celebrating Christmas PDF Magazine‘ which is a FREE magazine that you can download and even print out.


Shell Angel Ornaments – DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

Shell Angel Ornament - DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

Angels have always been a part of Christmas decorations, be it tree ornaments or wrapping paper or any decorative motif. Continue this wonderful tradition and craft these exquisite yet easy-to-make Shell Angel Ornaments to adorn your Christmas tree using something as simple as a shell. These super simple DIY Christmas tree ornaments are also perfect for a Seaside or a Nautical Christmas theme.

Shell Angel Ornament - DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

Skill Level: Easy

What you will need:

5” Shell
1” Wooden Ball
Doll Hair
¼ yd Silver Wire
¼ yd 1” Wired Ribbon
¼ yd ¼” Wired Ribbon
Mod Podge
Glue Gun

How to proceed:

1. Cover front of shell with Mod Podge. While still wet, cover shell with glitter. Let dry overnight. Shake off excess glitter.
2. Hot glue doll hair to top sides & back of wooden ball to form head.
3. Form halo shape out of silver wire, proportionate to the wood ball, leaving ¼ “ stem and glue to the back of head.
4. Glue head to the top of the shell with hot glue.
5. With 1” wired ribbon form a loop 5” wide to form wings. Find centre of loop and glue to centre back of shell (top edge).
6. Form a double bow and glue at front of neck. Glue ribbon rose in centre of bow.
7. Form a loop from the remaining silver wire to use as a hanger for the ornament and glue at centre of wings on back of the shell.


Coffee Walnut Torte – Christmas Cake Recipes

Coffee Walnut Torte - Christmas Cake Recipes

Coffee Walnut Torte – A Winter Soul Warmer

Coffee has forever been the favorite companion for winter evenings. Add festive walnuts to come up with this ideal combination for Winter festivities. And if you are planning a party in the evening such as a Caroling party, this coffee walnut torte recipe is the perfect dessert to serve to keep away the chills.

Coffee Walnut Torte - Christmas Cake Recipes

Ingredients for the Cake:

• 1 tablespoon instant coffee granules
• 2 tablespoons hot milk
• 175g selfraising flour
• 1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
• 175g caster sugar
• 175g softened butter
• 3 large eggs
• 75g walnut halves

Ingredients for the syrup:

• 1 tablespoon instant espresso coffee powder
• 50g demerara sugar
• 55ml boiling water

Ingredients for the Coffee Whipped Cream Icing

• 1 cup chilled heavy cream
• 1 tablespoon instant espresso
• 3 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar

Coffee Walnut Torte - Christmas Cake RecipesMaking the Coffee Walnut Sponge Cake Layers

1. Dissolve instant coffee into 2 tablespoons hot milk. Let stand.

2. Pre-heat the oven to 350 °F/ 180 °C/ Gas Mark 4 and toast the walnuts in the pre-heated oven for 5-7 minutes. Reserve 8-10 halves for the icing and finely chop the rest.

3. Mix together flour and baking powder and sieve them together.

4. Beat butter. Add eggs and beat till soft. Add the milk-coffee mixture and mix well.

5. Add sugar and beat till mixed well.

6. Add the sieved mixture of dry ingredients and beat till mixed well. If the dough is too stiff, add water or milk.

7. Finally, fold in the chopped walnuts.

8. Grease, flour and line with parchment paper, 2 9″ x 1-1/2″ round cake pans and distribute the prepared cake batter evenly among them.

9. Bake the cakes for about 30 minutes or till done. Prick all over, pour syrup (recipe follows) and let stand on a rack till cool after which you can remove the base parchment paper. While the cakes are done and cool down completely, prepare the icing.

Making the Syrup:

1. Dissolve coffee and sugar into boiling water to make the syrup.

2. Spoon over sponge cake layers.

Making the Coffee Whipped Cream Icing:

1. Stir together 3 tablespoons of cold heavy cream and the instant coffee until coffee is dissolved.

2. Mix together the remaining cream and confectioner’s sugar and beat until cream forms stiff peaks.

3. Add to this the coffee-cream mixture and beat well.

4. Spread half of the icing over the first cake place the other cake carefully on top and spread the other half on top.

5. Garnish with the reserved toasted walnut halves.


* Drizzle melted chocolate chips over the top and sides with a spoon or from a plastic bag cone. This, although optional, will give this luscious dessert that tempting look that a Christmas dessert almost always has.

* Adding a pinch or a spoonful of ground cinnamon to the batter is also a wonderful option for cinnamon lovers.

Stunning Apothecary Jar Christmas Display Decoration

Stunning Apothecary Jar Christmas Display Decor

Apothecary jars make wonderful containers for more than just candy. Fill with co-ordinating ornaments and trim to create sensational individual centerpieces or group together several jars for a stunning display. This festive Christmas display decoration will add sparkle to any table, side table or fireplace mantel.

Stunning Apothecary Jar Christmas Display Decor

Stock up on apothecary jars for all events. Stuff them up with candy for birthdays or Halloween and seasonal festive decorations for other holidays. Always be on a lookout for a different shape and silhouette to add to your collection. Start with these:

Apothecary Jar 3 Piece Set Wedding Candy Buffet