Christmas Theme – A White Christmas (Decorating, Gifts, Food, Christmas Tree Decor etc.)

Christmas Theme - A White Christmas Christmas can be such a whirl of deadlines, decisions, budgeting and marketing, that it’s rare to find a bit of quiet reflection in it all. Some years, it’s nice to rest one’s eyes from the flashing red-and-green hubbub, and focus instead on the beauty and peacefulness of a White Christmas season. To make the most of this idea, you should carry the theme throughout the celebration — from tree decorations to gifts, dishes, and even food.


Instead of holly berries and red amaryllis, use flowers such as narcissus, baby’s breath or a splurge of white French tulips; fill glass or crystal jars or flutes with seashells or anything else light in color — even a collection of white buttons can have quite an effect! Line the pathway with ‘snowflake’ or ‘star-shaped’ lights available in most stores.If you keep your eyes open, you will see opportunities all around you.

If you choose to go in for a complete cleanup, fresh paints for walls, new upholstery etc., keep your theme in mind and go in for soft whites and creams. If you are entertaining guests in your home, remember they will see most of the house, not just the living room and dining room. Break out the white or cream-colored sheets and towels; use a large, pearly seashell as a holder for fine soaps; place a glass container of sea salt for the bath, if anyone is spending the night. Use white lights for decorating. They give out a soft glow that brings the magic of white winters to your décor. Line the pathway with ‘snowflake’ or ‘star-shaped’ lights available in most stores.

The Christmas Tree

A delightful idea to take your theme outdoors is to decorate snow-covered trees outdoors with strings of holiday lights. Your main Christmas tree indoors can be decorated in beautiful whites. Use white lights, bows, garlands, ribbons, bead strings, Angels, stars, snowflakes, white painted baubles, white decorations etc. Start with these and you will soon find yourself getting many more ideas.

Food & Entertaining

At the table, treat your guests to party favors of silver-coated Jordan almonds gathered in a bit of tulle, tied with a white or silver ribbon. White candles in silver or crystal candlesticks will brighten the room; you can use several different sizes and styles. A white jacquard tablecloth is particularly nice, as the subtle white-on-white pattern will reflect in the candlelight. For appetizers, try oysters in the shell, served on a bed of rock salt. Serve any brightly-colored foods such as sweet potatoes individually in the hollowed-out shells of white pumpkins. Some of the traditional menu items, of course, will fit right in — the white flesh of a turkey, creamy White Christmas Decorationseggnog, whipped potatoes. For dessert, lighten things up with a Floating Island (fluffy spoonfuls of meringue adrift in a light custard sauce), or white chocolate mousse. You can even lighten a substantial meal with Angel Food Cake topped with white raspberries and zabaglione.


For gifts, consider a winter-white sweater or scarf, crisp linen napkins, or a translucent porcelain tea set for two; a set of crystal tealight holders or a china picture frame, such as Lenox; or, if you really like someone, a cozy cream-colored new-wool throw for cuddling on a white winter’s night.

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