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Five One-Minute Holiday Stress Solutions for Busy Moms

We put so much pressure on ourselves to create perfect holidays that itís no wonder we become overwhelmed with stress, and/or catch a cold when itís all over with and everyoneís gone home. We get up at the crack of dawn to cook, we clean until the house is shiny and weíre sweaty. And then, we drive all over town buying gifts.

Well, Iím not going to try to talk you out of any of that, although I am resolved to lessen the pressure I experience. What I want to offer you are ways to alleviate stress quickly before it becomes overwhelming.

But first, identify what you find most stressful in the holiday stress quiz at http://pages.ivillage.com/healingjourney 

(1) Go somewhere quiet and, while breathing deeply and slowly, place both hands on your heart space (the center of your chest). Itís a very loving, nurturing and calming thing to do and should reduce stress in a minute or so.

(2) Make yourself a blend of bergamot and ylang ylang essential oils. Add a few drops to a carrier oil or lotion and rub it in to your hands and wrists. Give yourself a quick hand massage and then, hold your hands up to your nose to breathe in the scent. This quick remedy will be a gift that keeps on giving.

(3) Get outside for a moment and breathe in some fresh air. Look around at the scenery or up at the clouds or sky or moon and tune in for a moment to the experience of connection with nature, with all living things. It is a very centering and grounding experience.

(4) Buy a small one-dollar pocket memo book and use it as a holiday journal. Take it with you in your purse, everywhere, and whenever you have a stressful moment, write down your thoughts & feelings. Itís a great way to get it out of your head and heart, which lessens the intensity and provides some relief. Later, you might try talking to a friend or loved one about how you are feeling.

As women, we so often feel like we are supposed to be able to do it all, effortlessly, that weíre unwilling to admit weíre having a problem. If you only decide that this year, youíre not going to isolate yourself that way, youíll be amazed at how different your holiday experience is.

(5) Light a candle and take a moment to stare into its flame. Pay attention to it, watch it flicker and let it mesmerize you for a minute or so. Let your breathing deepen and slow, and your thoughts drift away. By the way, if itís an aromatherapy candle, with a calming scent, that will be even more helpful!

Bonus tip: Carry a piece of rose quartz crystal in your purse and hold it for a minute or two whenever stress hits. Itís very soothing!

Have a joy-filled, peaceful holiday season!

About the Author:

Jeanine Byers is an elemental home style consultant and a certified healing coach who helps women create homes for their souls. Take her elemental home style assessment and sign up for her free 7-day e-course so that you can create a warm, welcoming, nurturing sanctuary and retreat. Go to http://www.createsanctuary.com

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