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Xmas Bell Ornament FinishedChristmas Bell Ornament

Materials needed:

A metal Bell (approx. 1 ¼” to 1 ½” in diameter)
A 1” x 4” fabric scrap or ribbon
12” of 19 or 20 gauge wire
3 fake red berries on wire stems
4” piece of 1” wide green garland
wire cutter and a needle nose pliers


  1. Pull the wire half way through the top hole in the bell (the hole for the hanger).

  2. Twist the two sides of the wire around each other, twisting up about 1 inch. Use a needle nose pliers to hold the wire in place while twisting.

  3. Christmas Bell OrnamentForm a loop with each side of the wire and twist the remaining wire around the sides of the loop.
  4. Center the green garland on the wire hanger and twist it on.

  5. Twist on the red berries right above the green garland.

  6. Tie on the rag ribbon. No need to make a bow, just tie a knot.

This is a fun & easy project for both kids and adults! Any size bell will work, just adjust the size and length of your garland and ribbon.

© Copyright 2000 Lily Hadrava & www.pinecountrydecor.com

Lily Hadrava
Pine Country Decor

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