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Free Christmas Craft Projects

Christmas Tree Ornament Crafts
Decorate your Christmas Tree with unique, easy and fun-to-make Christmas Tree Ornaments.

Christmas Scrapbook Layouts
Preserve your Christmas memories in attractive Holiday themed Scrapbook layouts.

Christmas Wreath Crafts
Liven up your Christmas with Wreaths made of fresh or dried materials.

Snowmen & Santa Crafts
Delightful little Santa Clauses and Snowmen to adorn your tables, corners and Christmas Trees.

Christmas Potpourri Recipes
Keep your house smelling festive with these easy-to-make potpourri recipes.

Assorted Christmas Crafts
Christmas Crafts to give your house a festive touch and take care of your Gift-Giving needs.

Christmas Crafts for Kids
Keep your kids creatively busy this Christmas with these easy to do craft projects.

Christmas Tree Crafts
Bring the Christmas spirit to your tabletops or make gift gifts for loved ones.

Easy Christmas Sewing Projects
Some simple stitches will give you beautiful and unique decorative accents and homemade gifts.

Christmas Decorating Projects
Decorate your home inside out with these easy projects you can do yourself.

Christmas Card Making Projects
Craft creative handmade cards with a personal touch for your relatives and friends this Christmas.

Christmas Candles
Festive, holiday-themed candles that will spice up your holiday decorations and add a warm glow.

Easy Christmas Crafts
Find more easy-to-do Christmas cards on our sister website dedicated to Christmas crafts. Browse for crafts classified in categories for kids crafts, card making, Christmas gifts, decorating crafts and more.

Printable Christmas Games

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