Christmas Decorating Planner

Ah, Christmas! It’s a time of joy and celebration for families everywhere. On this day, people come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus, share a feast, and exchange gifts. Christmas is more than a holiday, however — it’s a season! Many people deck their homes out in holiday splendor, and if you’re one of them, read on! We’ll show you how to make decorating easy and fun with our Christmas decorating planner.

Two months before Christmas:

Choose your theme! There are so many themes you can use, it’s sometimes hard to choose! Many people go traditional with red and green. If you love these holiday colors, then you won’t have any trouble finding decorations to match. You could choose a particular thing to center your decorations around, like Santa Clauses or snowmen. However, red and green isn’t the only choice out there. Colors like midnight blue and sparkling silver can be beautiful as well. Gold tones also look great with not only midnight blue, but red and green as well. Some people get even more creative and choose colors that may not be associated with Christmas, like a patriotic red, white and blue theme, or a mauve and pink Victorian theme. When it comes to your Christmas themes and colors, the sky’s the limit!

One month before Christmas

Now it’s time to break out the lights! Adorn the exterior of your home with Christmas lights. White is always a beautiful and classic choice, or you can go fun with multicolored lights. There are lights that twinkle and lights that blink. Be sure to test all lights before hanging them to save yourself a lot of hassle! Be safe and recruit a helper, and be sure to use a safe and sturdy ladder if you need to do any climbing. Not only can you adorn your home, but the bushes, trees and shrubs outside your home as well!

Two weeks before Christmas

Two weeks before Christmas is the perfect time to get your tree and adorn the inside of your home! Whether or not you choose an artificial tree or a real tree is a matter of preference. Each offers their own benefits. Artificial trees are hygienic, safe, and economical, as they can be packed away and reused year after year. Yet some traditionalists insist on a real Christmas tree. Visit a tree lot for the widest selection. Popular evergreen trees for Christmas include white pine and Fraser fir. Once your tree is set up in your home, it’s time to decorate! Lights are always a popular choice for Christmas trees. There are also a multitude of ornaments available to match any Christmas decor theme. For a cute touch, hang real candy canes on the branches. If you’re using a real tree, stay safe and make sure you keep the tree watered. A dry tree can be a fire hazard! For a coordinated look, choose a tree skirt that matches your theme and your tree decorations.

One week before Christmas

Now is the time to deck your home out with holiday plants like poinsettia, holly and mistletoe. Because these plants can be toxic to kids and pets, try choosing faux plants made of silk rather than real ones. Today’s silk flowers look so realistic, only you’ll know the difference! Now is also the time to put any finishing touches on your decor. Some people like Christmas themed tabletop decorations like Santa or snowman figurines and snowglobes.

Christmas Eve

Now is the time to set the table for your holiday feast, and of course, hang the stockings! Table adornments and stockings can be found in any color or pattern imaginable, to coordinate with the rest of your home. The only thing left to do is put the presents under the tree and fill the stockings — after everyone’s asleep, of course! Let your little ones leave a snack for Santa and his reindeer, which you can enjoy after you’ve sneakily stuffed stockings and arranged gifts. Here’s a cute idea to thrill your kids on Christmas morning — leave a few crumbs on the plate and a note that says something like, “The snacks were great — the reindeer loved them, too! Love, Santa.”

By planning ahead of time, your home can be a beautiful celebration of the Christmas season. By involving your family, decorating for Christmas can become a tradition that everyone looks forward to year after year!