Display Christmas Plates as Decorations, Christmas Decorating Article

Christmas plates come in a variety of sizes and with a variety of beautiful artwork, so why not use them to help add some holiday spirit to your home? You don’t have to go out and buy a whole set of plates either. Just keep your eyes open you can often find Christmas plates for between 5 and 10 dollars at garage sales, flea markets and even larger chain stores where you can buy one at a time. Read through this list of ways to display the plates to help you decide what you want to do with your plates.  

Hang the plates on a bare wall in the shape of a triangle and put one right in the middle at the base to make a Christmas tree. This is especially effective if your plates have a lot of green.

Display the plates on the mantle and hang them on the wall above the mantle for a catchy display.

Create a Christmas plate tabletop decoration. Place a cake stand in the center of the table and place a larger plate on it in. Then put a layer of fake snow, or holly leaves or evergreen around the cake stand. Put smaller plates on display stands around the cake stand.

Hang three on the wall above the door, or in a vertical line on a small wall.

Use a display stand to set small plates behind the soap dishes in the bathroom.

Display them on a shelf above a window.

Hang them on the wall around a window or picture to frame them with holiday cheer.

Hang them in an arch on the wall behind the Christmas tree so that you can see them over the tree.

Place three across the top of a coffee table or a single one on a side table and put clear ornaments in them.

Hang an empty frame on the wall and place a particularly favorite Christmas plate inside. Hang garland from the bottom of the frame to complete the look.

If you have a lot of plates that only have a decorative border around the edges create a fun look by putting various candles on the plates and displaying them in a corner.

Mix and match your dishes when setting the table for Christmas dinner. You can create a unique look for each person and everyone will enjoy seeing what plates the other person has.

Get a plain red, green and white plate. Put green and white peppermint candies on the green plate, and tie a white bow around it. Get another white bow and tie a candy cane into it for the red plate. On the white plate put green peppermint candies on the plate, then tie and candy cane into a white bow. Display the three plates down the center of your kitchen table.