Sounds and Smells of Christmas

Using Sounds and Smells of Christmas for your Room Makeover

1. The sounds and smells of Christmas are as inviting as the sights. Play your favorite Christmas music. Make a selection beforehand and keep ready a CD of songs and carols to be played.

2. Use Jingle bells on door-knobs, edges of linen, as tree ornaments, in wreaths and any other places that you can think of. This old-fashioned way of bringing holiday cheer still works!

3. Delicious smells arising from the kitchen have always been closely associated with Christmas. You can give your house the true Christmas spirit by placing bowls of simmering Potpourri consisting of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves etc.

4. Hang scented sachets in various places to keep your room filled with soothing fragrances.

Note: This article first appeared in the Christmas 2004 issue of ‘Celebrating Christmas PDF Magazine’. To read the complete article and to download a FREE copy of the entire magazine, go to