Christmas Tree Themes

The trend of decorating a Christmas tree around a ‘theme’ has become quite popular

The trend of decorating a Christmas tree around a ‘theme’ has become quite popular. Instead of a hodgepodge of ornaments and garland strung here and there, decorating a Christmas tree has evolved into an organized craft. If you are new to the idea of decorating your tree with a theme or you are simply looking for new ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the more common Christmas tree themes that the holiday stores are supplying for.

Almost everyone has a hobby. A very popular Christmas tree theme will revolve around a person’s favorite hobby. If someone collects teddy bears, angels, and dolls or they love to fish, watch or play a sport or even has an interest in and collects cars, there is a theme available for everyone. The trouble families run into when deciding on a theme along these lines is how to agree on a hobby. Not every family shares the same interests.

Some families rotate the theme for their tree each year. Most families have a special event that they shared together in the past year. If a family traveled together to Hawaii, they might want to have a Hawaiian themed Christmas tree with shells, mini pineapples, little dancing figures in grass skirts etc.

Some people decorate their homes in what is considered a country style or a modern style. The decorations will reflect the environment of the home. If a country kitchen has a red and white checkered tablecloth in it, the tree is likely to follow that idea. The same goes for a modern decorated home. It might have unusual abstract items around the home and the tree would probably feature the same type of unique ornaments. The decorating style decides the theme of the tree.

Many more Christmas tree themes such as Victorian themes, Ocean or Seashore themes, Gingerbread themes, snowman themes, Santa Claus themes, Floral themes and Nativity themes are popular.

Whatever you desire to adorn your tree with, the more personally it touches you the more beautiful the tree will look. Have fun deciding on your theme and have a happy holiday!

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