Creative Christmas Tree Toppers – Ideas and Options

Many families form a tradition around decorating the Christmas tree, and it is usually one person’s appointed job to place the final item on top of the Christmas tree.

What if you did not have a Christmas tree topper passed down as an heirloom, or did not receive one as a wedding or graduation gift? What then?


The angel is a traditional Christmas tree topper, and there are many on the market. Some angels are made of coiled wire with beads and glitter, for a modern take on an old favorite. But most angels that you will find for resting atop your Christmas tree will have long flowing gowns, and faces of either porcelain, resin, or plastic.

The angel atop your tree could be symbolic of the angel who visited Mary, Mother of Jesus, or the angels who were singing to celebrate his birth. They could also be an acknowledgement and appreciation of the angels that surround us and protect us every day.


Another traditional Christmas tree topper is the star. Most star toppers light up, as the nature of a star is to be radiant and twinkling, but not all of them do. There are stars available on the market that do not light up.


Consider removing the bottom of a birdhouse that resembles a small white church and using it as a Christmas tree topper. For a more homespun Christmas, a church can be created from a milk carton and paint, complete with an opening and closing door.


Hey, sports fans! Here is an idea: Take one of those autographed helmets you have been collecting and display it on top of your holiday tree. Carry the sports theme throughout the whole tree, if you want, for a fun Christmas tree that is sure to be a conversation starter.

Wedding cake top

Nestle the decoration you used atop your wedding cake into the boughs at the peak of your tree. You really can not beat this choice for a romantic and personal touch.


Large snowflakes specifically designed as holiday tree toppers are an excellent choice for a white winter theme. They are usually made of either wire or flocked material, and many snowflakes are wired with white twinkling lights. As an added bonus for some celebrants, snowflakes celebrate the beauty of winter without alluding to any particular religious tradition.


Also usually made or wire and lights or flocked material, starbursts are another option for your tree this Christmas. Unlike stars, which are shaped in five-point stars or as David’s star, starbursts replicate multiple rays of varying lengths shooting out from a central point. Starbursts are a striking addition to your Christmas tree.

Vintage glass pillars

For a touch of class and to evoke memories of bygone Christmases, opt for a vintage or reproduction glass pillar for your tree topper. These are not ideal for homes with adventurous pets or small curious children, but they tower atop a tree, adding several inches to its visual height and can bring a burst of color at its peak.

There are several options on the market for topping your tannenbaum, from the spiritual to the sporty. You could even choose a different one for each tree, if you have more than one in your home.