Christmas Decorating – Entrance


Illuminate your driveway or walkway with candles, lights or luminarias.
Light up the trees, if any, in your driveway.
Hang luminarias, paper lanterns or jar candles from tree branches.

The Front Door

Hang a beautifully decorated wreath to welcome your guests.
Use a full size Christmas-themed poster to welcome your guests.
Dangle a pair of Sleigh Bells and a couple of ornaments at the Door Knob. Not only are they wonderful Christmas decorations, but their jingle is a holiday reminder whenever anyone comes or goes.
Alternatively a wind chime with bells will also bring along the same cheer.
Dorr Knobs can also be decorated with pretty bows.


Ribbons, dried flowers, tassels and garland all strung together on the hall stairway banister make a charming first impression.

Place tall branches in an old umbrella stand and decorate with deep red, ruby bows for a Victorian flair.

Make spirits bright with the sounds of Christmas. “Pipe” carols into the hallway and throughout the house. Add extra speakers to your stereo or put cassette players in every room.

Fill the air with the smells of Christmas. Besides natural greenery in the hallway, prepare bowls of potpourri and let those cooking smells waft through the house – gingerbread cookies, fruit cakes and plum pudding.

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