Country Christmas Decorating Ideas

This holiday season, why not try a Country Christmas theme? Think of a rustic ski lodge or cabin situated in a lush forest setting and you’ve got the idea. Country holiday themes are quite popular, so you should have no trouble finding appropriate ornaments and decorations.

When it comes to your Christmas tree, there are lots of ways to give it cute country flair. Try a red and black checkered tree skirt for a down home flair. White lights are perfect to accent your tree and the rest of its decorations. Make sure you test the lights before placing them on the tree to save yourself a lot of hassle. Got your tree all lit up? Then it’s time to add ornaments!

Country themed ornaments are easy to locate and can vary depending on your preferences. If you’ve got a hunter or fisherman in your family, delight them with ornaments that fit the theme such as: miniature deer, glass fish, little tackleboxes, and anything else that reminds you of a day spent in the woods. Or, adorn your tree with fake yet realistic looking birds, little wooden sleds, pine cone ornaments, and the like.

Once your tree looks like it belongs in a backwoods lodge, it’s time to focus on the rest of your home. Try a red and black checkered tablecloth that matches the tree skirt. Adorn the table with a bouquet of poinsettia, holly berries, evergreen boughs and pine cones in a woodsy wicker flowerpot.

Try adorning your walls with artwork that features forest scenes or pictures of country homes nestled in a snowy setting. Or, go for wildlife picture like those of fish, wolves and deer, matted in festive red and framed with wood. Even Christmas cards can be made into pieces of art with a bit of matting and a cute frame!

Place figurines and sculptures around your home that echo your country Christmas look. Many people collect Santa Claus figures. Some of them are quite large and look and feel realistic. There are figurines of woodsy Santas that are dressed in forest themed clothing, as the country theme is beloved around the world!

Candles bring warmth and beauty to your home as well. There are candles out there that look just like logs and stumps! Music is another way to bring the Christmas spirit into your home. Go for country western Christmas music, which ties in nicely with your theme. Your friends and family will think you hired a professional designer to decorate your home this year — but you’ll know better!