Christmas Tree Themes

Christmas trees are a staple of the holiday season. There are real trees, and artificial trees. Which you choose is simply a matter of preference. Some people enjoy the convenience of an artificial tree, while others love the traditional look and feel of the real thing. Regardless of what kind of tree you prefer, you’ll need to decorate it! While some people adorn their tree with a mishmash of ornaments they’ve collected over the years, others go with a particular theme. Here are some popular choices:

Sports Theme: For a sports theme, why not celebrate your favorite sports team! You can find ornaments bearing your favorite team colors and insignias. Or, you could decorate your tree with ornaments like miniature footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, baseballs and bats, and other sports-related items.

Ballerina Theme: A ballerina theme is a feminine way to deck out your Christmas tree! For this theme, try ornaments that look like tiny ballerinas or ballet slippers. Pale pink is the color of choice for this girly tree theme!

Fisherman Theme: For a fisherman theme, choose ornaments that look like miniature fishing poles and tackleboxes. You can also hang artificial lures from your tree. There are a variety of ornaments out there that look just like different species of fish!

Gorgeous Gold Theme: For a gorgeous gold theme, try a green tree with gold ornaments and lights. This is a simple theme, but there’s lots of room for creativity because so many ornaments out there are gold-toned!

Candy Cane Theme: For this theme, you have several choices. You could decorate a traditional green tree with real candy canes, and red and white lights. Or, you could choose an artificial white tree and try red lights and ornaments.

Teddy Bear Theme: This is a cute theme! For this theme, you’ll need miniature teddy bears that can be hung on your tree. The Boyd’s Bears company makes miniature hanging bears for just this purpose! You can also find glass and ceramic bear ornaments in addition to plush ones.

Tex-Mex Theme: This is a fun theme for your tree! Try miniature sombreros or cowboy hats as ornaments, or go with ornaments that look like tiny horses. You can also find chili pepper ornaments and even chili pepper lights!

These ideas represent only a fraction of the themes you could choose for your tree. Sit down with your family and have them vote on their favorite theme. By getting everyone involved in the process, you’re sure to have a Christmas tree that pleases the entire family!