Decorating Mantels and Tabletops for Christmas

Decorating Mantels and Tabletops for Christmas

Create a ‘Candlescape’. Mix candles of various shapes, colors and sizes and arrange them attractively on varying heights. Fill in with fresh flowers, greenery, baubles etc. but let the candles remain the focal point. Add mirrors with ornate frames to reflect the glow of the candles.

Create a ‘Christmas Village Scene’ by placing lighted ceramic buildings, available easily in most stores, on a bed of cotton or artificial snow.

Decorate mantels and tabletops with framed pictures of past Christmases or family portraits if you are going to have a family reunion.

Line mantels with wine glasses in various shapes, sizes and colors and place a votive candle in each. If all your glasses are of clear glass, fill them up with holiday colored beads, berries, artificial gold coins etc.

If you have planned to give homemade ‘Gifts in a Jar’ as Party Favors, line your mantels with your gift jars and hand one to each guest as they leave.

You can also choose to give potted plants. Purchase small decorated clay pots and grow flowering plants in them. Line your mantel with these potted flowers and give one each to your guests as they leave.

Display wrapped gifts along with candles and ornaments on your mantles and/or tabletops.

For a festive aroma in your room, decorate the mantel with scented candles and fresh or dried wreaths.

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