Decorating Your Work Table for Christmas

Decorating Your Work Table for Christmas

1. If you work from home, make sure to give your work table a dash of festive color.
Organize files and make room for a vase filled with fresh greenery and red carnations.

2. If you have a bulletin board, post holiday themed projects and notices on it.

3. If you have empty wall space above your desk, hang a wreath.

4. Tuck your regular stationery away and make way for some Christmas-themed stationery on your desk.

5. Change your computer wallpaper and screensaver to a Christmassy one. You can get free Christmas wallpapers and screensavers at

6. Complete the d├ęcor by adding pen stands, file racks, table covers etc. in bright reds or greens or holiday Do not reprint in whole or part without express permission.

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