Elegant Floral Arrangement for Your Christmas Table


Using a 16cm Oasis ring, cover 
the base with a double layer of foil 
and fold the foil into the ring. 
This will prevent the ring from wetting 
the table when it is moistened.
Place the candle in the centre of the 
oasis ring. (Use a 4mm to 5mm 
diameter candle)



Use a variety of greenery, such as 
Holly, Fern, Ivy and variegated Pittosporum.
The use of foliage adds life to the arrangement.
Begin with the darker foliage (Holly) making sure to bring it down over the edges of the tin foil.



Next, place Ivy tendrils in the oasis ring.
Then add the variegated Pittosporum.
Now place Eucalyptus pods (sprayed gold)
and intersperse a few small gold baubles.





Add 20 red roses with fairly short stems….





…. AND …

… VOILA!   



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year



Jill and Chuffy



About the Author

This seasonal tip is brought to you by Jill McKrill and Chuffy who have been responsible for the decorative floral requirements at the Cellars-Hohenort for over 5 years. They specialise in flowers, catering for several hotels, weddings, private functions and home or office floral decorations.

Further examples of their handiwork can be viewed at their website: