Evergreen Wreath

Wreaths often take a longer time to complete. Try this easy alternative by placing side by side as opposed to overlapping to quickly complete a wreath for your home.

Easy Evergreen Wreath

What you will need:

1. Wreath base, preferably a grapevine or other wood wreath
2. Evergreen branches
3. White spray paint
4. Holly berry picks
5. Three pinecones
6. Floral wire
7. Gold wire edged ribbon
8. Wire cutters


1. Begin by cutting the evergreen branches into about six inch long pieces.

2. Spray some of the ends of the branches with white spray paint.

3. Spray the pine cones with a little bit of white spray paint.

4. While paint is drying, tie a long piece of ribbon into a pretty bow.

5. Begin by wrapping some wire around the pinecones and twisting it once in the back.

6. Then attach the pinecones at even intervals on the wreath.

7. Attach two holly berry picks in between the pinecones.

8. Now attach evergreen branches, side by side so that they cover the wreath base.

9. Leave about a quarter of the wreath open for the ribbon.

10. Attach two holly picks facing opposite directions in the open space.

11. Put wire through the back of the bow and attach it to the wreath so that it covers the “stem” of the holly berries.