Ideas for Festive Curtains and Windows: Christmas Decorating

Christmas is a busy time of the year and we all want our houses to be decorated perfectly with as little stress and time as possible. Curtains pose a problem for many people because they are expensive and time consuming to make. So to avoid the problem of putting up new curtains for the holiday season here are some ways to dress up the curtains you already have.

Silver Bells and Ribbons

One easy way to make your curtains festive for the holidays is to find some bells at a local craft store and ribbon that will match your holiday décor. Measure from the curtain rod to where you want the bell to hang. You will want to make the ribbon 2 ½ times as long as this length so that you can make a bow. Loop the ribbon over the curtain rod. String one end of the ribbon through the top of the bell and tie a bow. Continue adding bells evenly spaced and at various lengths until you have completed a window. If bells don’t fit into your holiday decorations try ornaments, paper snowflakes or if you are going with an old fashioned holiday theme try apples or dried orange slices.

Garland Embellishments

Another quick way to dress up your draperies is to get garland. Use floral wire and nails to attach the garland to the wall at the corners of the window. Let the middle create a gentle curve and the ends hang down.

Cheery Tiebacks

If you have tie back curtains this is another way to create festive curtains quickly. Create a holiday tie back that will match the rest of your holiday décor. Some ideas are: attach pinecones to the ends of rope, use ornaments, a large bow with holly sprigs, miniature wreaths or fake flowers such as poinsettias.

Festive Swag

You can bring the charm of holiday nature to your curtains by creating a swag to go across the top of the window along the curtain rod. Use pinecones, berries, holly, ivy, and evergreen for the best holiday affect.

Holiday Greetings Garland

Create a garland of Christmas cards to adorn your windows. Find pretty ribbon to match the holiday décor you already have. Choose some of your favorite Christmas cards from friends for a varied look, or use all the same cards. Punch holes on the sides of the card so that when you string it onto the ribbon the card will be right side up. Tie bows at the ends and hang it from the corners of the window.

Winter Wonderland

Use fake snow to decorate your window treatments. Put some along the top, and anywhere else it would stay if snow had really fallen inside. For extra sparkly you could string white Christmas lights behind and underneath the snow.

Shelf Full of Winter Goodies

This fun idea is the perfect way to decorate all year long. Measure the width of your window and find a shelf that will be just an inch long on either side. Install the shelf above your window. Put fun Christmas trinkets, or if you collect winter villages put them here. When Christmas is over there is no need to take down the shelf simply trade the Christmas items for something that will better suit the season.