Tips on Hanging Bows on Christmas Trees

Whether you are in the earlier years of decorating your Christmas tree and haven’t yet collected dozens and dozens of ‘collectible’ ornaments or are tired of decorating your tree the same old way year after year, adding bows to your Christmas tree is the answer to your tree decorating dilemmas. Here are some tips to help you hand bows prettily on your Christmas tree:

How to Hang Bows on Christmas Tree

There are four simple choices for hanging bows on Christmas trees. You can attach the bows to your tree using:

1. Floral Wire

2. Cord

3. Ribbon

4. Pins

Which one you choose depends upon the general theme of your tree but using floral wire will make sure that the material used for hanging the bows is not visible and will go with any color scheme or theme. Simply twist the ends of the wire around the tree branch and entwine them. Using pins might seem an easy solution but you will find that the best results are to be obtained by using one of the first 3 methods.

Attaching Wire to the Bows

Ready-to-hang bows available in stores already have wire to hang them. If they don’t, you can add wire yourself. Cut the desired length of floral wire with scissors. Turn the bow (wrong side facing you) and place the middle of the wire at the center of the bow. Now attach the wire using tape or glue or by sewing it in place.

Making Your Own Bows

You can make your own bows to hang on your Christmas tree. Plaid and red ribbon are popular choices. However, you can choose the ribbon according to the theme of your tree and other decor. A wide variety of Christmas-themed ribbons are available. Wire-edged ribbons are a good choice as they make your bows sturdy and longer-lasting.

A Simple Bow: A simple bow can be made by tying a bow right onto the floral wire. When the bow is tied, cut off the floral wire from both sides leaving equal length of wire on both sides. Now, use the wire to tie the bow onto the tree.

Loopy Bow: To make a loopy bow, make as many figure-eights from the ribbon as you like, one on top of the other. A six loop bow will require three figure-eights, a ten loop bow will require five figure-eights and so on. If you want to make a bow with loops only on the sides, make the loops in a slightly descending order, the bottom loop being the longest. For a bow in which the loops will spread forming a circle, make same sized loops and make 3-4 different clusters of rope and tie them together after placing them at different angles always keeping the centers together. When the loops are done, place the wire in the center of the topmost loop by pressing it between your thumb and the wire. Use your other hand to bring the ends of the wire together at the bottom and and twist them securely. Leave extra wire to attach the bow to your tree.

Hanging Bows on Other Ornaments

Bows can also be used to enhance other ornaments. Give old ornaments a touch-up by gluing small bows to them.

Bows as Tree Toppers

Bows also make gorgeous tree toppers and are easily the best way to give your tree a designer look. Attach large bows to the top of tree by using floral wire as mentioned above. If your tree is placed in a corner, you will only need one bow for the topper as only the front will be seen. If your tree is seen from all sides, use two or three large bows together.