Holiday Decorating Themes

Many people decorate their homes for the Christmas season. If you’re one of them, you may be seeking an innovative new way to give your home holiday flair. Why not go with a theme? Choosing a theme can make decorating go more smoothly. Also, when all your decorations coordinate, you get a classy and put-together look! Here are some popular themes that you can use to decorate your home this Christmas season:

Traditional: A traditional Christmas theme incorporates the classic Christmas colors — red, green, and gold. For a traditional theme, you can decorate your tree with lights of any color, garland, and an assortment of ornaments. Things don’t need to match perfectly — only coordinate somewhat! Place figurines of Santas and snowmen around your home. Snowglobes and candles can also give your home a nice holiday flair. Try tablecloths and throw pillows in red, green and gold. Hang Christmas themed art on the walls and try a nativity scene on your mantle.

Winter Wonderland: For this theme, your colors will be dark blue and silver. Try a snowflake patterned tablecloth with a dark blue background. For your tree, decorate with white lights and white and blue ornaments. You could even go with a white artificial tree and deck it out with blue and white lights and coordinating ornaments. Crystal snowflake ornaments are perfect for this theme! Reflect the colors around the rest of your home with candles, pillows, and wall hangings.

Snowman: As the name suggest, snowmen are the center of this theme. Try miniature snowman ornaments for your tree. Place various sized snowman figures and stuffed plush snowmen around your home.

Santa Claus: For this theme, try collecting Santa Clauses. There are Santas that come in different color outfits, and even Santa figurines that represent different countries around the world! Display all your Santas in one place or scatter them strategically around your home. You can also find artwork to hang that features Santa!

Woodland Cabin: This is a rustic theme that uses ornaments like pine cones and faux birds that can be clipped onto your tree. Find a tree skirt in a red and black plaid theme. You can even find real candles that look just like logs! For this theme, you want to choose items that reflect something you’d find in a forest cabin.

Candy Shop: For this theme, it’s candy all the way! Outfit your tree with glass ornaments that look like colorful pieces of candy. Use real candy canes wrapped in clear cellophane to hang on the branches as well. Place colorful candies in glass bowls at locations around your home. You can even find whimsical hanging lights that look like pieces of candy!

Victorian: For a Victorian theme, choose decorations in muted colors like mauve, pink, and powder blue, accented with gold. Believe it or not, this is a popular choice, and there are no shortage of beautiful Victorian themed ornaments in these colors. Place lots of candles in crystal holders around your home for an elegant feel.

Patriotic: Red, white and blue are the colors of choice for this theme! Try decorating your tree with lights and ornaments in these colors. You can even find red, white and blue bows featuring the stars and stripes theme to tie on the branches of your tree. For the rest of your home, reflect these colors with candles, tablecloths, and wall hangings.

If none of these themes appeal to you, think up your own special theme. Almost any color or theme you choose can be adapted to fit your holiday decor!