Holly Centerpiece – Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Holly Centerpiece for Christmas

What you will need:

1. Ceramic pot
2. White glitter
3. White paint
4. Green paint
5. Brown paint
6. Small evergreen branches
7. Pinecones
8. Holly berry branches
9. Glue
10. Floral foam
11. Floral wire


1. Paint the entire ceramic pot white. You may need to use a couple of coats to cover it completely.

2. When the white paint has dried paint small evergreen branches and pinecones on the pot using the green and brown paint.

3. Allow the pot to dry.

4. When the paint is dry use a paintbrush to paint glue onto a section of the pot.

5. Roll the part of the pot that has glue on it in the white glitter.

6. Allow the glue to dry before doing another section.

7. Continue doing this until the entire pot is covered with the white glitter and you can faintly see the evergreen branches and pinecones you painted on the pot.

8. Put some floral foam inside the pot.

9. Arrange the evergreen branches inside the pot.

10. Wrap floral wire around the pinecones you are going to use. Be sure that the wire is hidden.

11. Attach pinecones to different evergreen branches.

12. Add holly berry stems as needed to finish the arrangement.