Ornaments for Decorating Your Home for Christmas

Sprinkle Holiday Cheer All Over Your Home with Ornaments Collected Lovingly Over The Years

One problem that families seem to run into over the years is that they gain a great of amount of Christmas tree ornaments. Often many of the ornaments are too full of memories to get rid of, so why not display them in more ways than just on the tree?
Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Do you have a wallpaper border that doesn’t necessarily go with holiday décor? Get tulle that matches and bunch it together by tying small bows at even intervals. Attach the tulle to the wall just above the wallpaper border with pushpins and arrange the bows so that you can see the pushpins. Hang lighter ornaments along the tulle for a fun display.
  2. Hang ornaments attached to a long piece of ribbon from the mantle in between the stockings.
  3. Create a wreath and hang ornaments on it. Or create wreaths made entirely of baubles. String 2-3 various-sized baubles into thread and tie the thread to a wreath form. Go on doing this till the wreath form gets covered completely.
  4. If you always put garland up, why not add some more holiday fun by hanging ornaments in the garland?
  5. Use small ornaments as gift toppers.
  6. Hang ornaments by ribbon from the ceiling around the Christmas tree. This will add even more beauty.
  7. Put a candle into a large bowl and put small round ornaments around it for a nice affect. Add a large poinsettia or some greenery in between to complete the effect.
  8. Display them on the mantle by with a little bit of fake snow under the ornaments. Alternatively, place baubles on a bed of evergreens and some holly.
  9. Hang small ornaments on any houseplants you have. Adding a small string of lights will give you several tiny ‘Christmas Trees’.
  10. Flat wooden ornaments can be hot glued to napkin ring holders. To carry the theme further put ornaments in the corners of the placemats. Put a showy table runner on the table and place some of your more interesting ornaments all the way down the runner.
  11. To add holiday spirit in the kitchen tie ribbon to the top corners of the back of a chair and hang unbreakable ornaments from it.
  12. A blank spot on the wall becomes the perfect place to create an ornament advent calendar. With a paint pen write the numbers 1-25 on different ornaments. Attach to the wall with ribbon low enough so that everyone can see it, and start counting down the days.
  13. Place ornaments in bowls and put out on side tables.
  14. Use ribbon to tie the corners of the tablecloth and hang an ornament on each ribbon. Or you can even sew up tiny round ornaments to the edges of a tablecloth like jingle bells.
  15. At the dinner table for place settings hang a light ornament from each person’s cup and attach a tag with each person’s name.
  16. Hang ribbon from the corners of all the doorframes in the house and hang ornaments from them.
  17. Hang ornaments from the shower curtain rings in the bathrooms.
  18. Hang ornaments from key racks, coat hooks, and mug hooks.
  19. Hang a few ornaments with a large bell from the doorknob.
  20. Have a chandelier or other similar lighting fixture? String beaded garland around it and hang ornaments from the garland.
  21. String some small ornaments in wool roping and use as curtain tiebacks.