Pinecone Centerpiece – Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

If you need to set up a festive table and are looking for some of the best Christmas Centerpiece Ideas, look no further. Seasonal greenery makes the best table toppers.

Pinecone Centerpiece - Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

What you will need:

1. Evergreen branches
2. Pinecones
3. Holly Berry picks
4. Small clear glass candle holders
5. Red or white candles
6. Cutting shears
7. Floral wire


1. Choose two relatively large and pretty evergreen branches as the base for the centerpiece.

2. Remove any empty or long stems on the two branches.

3. Use the floral wire to attach the two branches together. Make sure that you attach them so that the base of one branch is touching the base of the other.

4. Use the cutting shears to cut smaller evergreen pieces and arrange them on the two base branches so that it looks full.

5. Put in some holly berry picks and pinecones where needed for decoration.

6. Put the candle holders in the centerpiece make sure to choose places for the candles where the flame will not accidentally catch one of the evergreen branches on fire.