Step by Step Christmas Tree Decorating – Start With the Lights

The right way to begin step by step Christmas tree decorating is to start with the lights first.

Starting at the base of the trunk and working up, wrap the lights around every major branch, moving from the trunk to the tip and back.

Christmas Tree Decorating - Start With the Lights

Do not just wrap the cables around the outside of the tree branches. It gives the tree more sparkle when it is lit from the inside as well.

String the lights around the trunk as well as the branches to light the tree from inside as well as from outside.

Use different types of lights. Faceted glass bulbs appear brighter. Small twinkle lights and colored lights also bring a lot of sparkle and shine.

LED lights are also useful as they can be kept illuminated for a longer time without the fear of lights getting too hot.

You can use single colored lights if working on a themed tree or mix and match a variety of different colored lights.

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