Step by step Christmas Tree Decorating – Finally, the Ornaments

In this step by step Christmas tree decorating guide, we told you that it is important to start with lights and follow them up with garlands. Now it is time to hang all the ornaments that you have collected over the years. The best way to do this is to assemble all your decorations together first.

Step by step Christmas Tree Decorating - Finally, the Ornaments

Here’s how you can achieve the perfect look with your Christmas tree ornaments.

Mix some special ornaments along with the generic ones.

Special ornaments like birdhouses, angels, special handcrafted ornaments should be mixed with the regular red, white and green baubles.

For an interesting variety, mix a variety of shapes like icicles, tear drops and stars together.

To showcase all your ornaments properly, hang the largest ornaments first. Space them evenly apart.

Fill in around them with medium and small sizes, balancing the overall look.

Finish with your special ornaments such as specialty shapes, angels, crystals, birdhouses etc.

Just like the lights, create some depth by hanging some ornaments around the trunk.

If decorating around a theme, use ornaments to match the theme.

First, the Lights

Next, the Garlands

Finally, the Ornaments…