Ideas for Festive Curtains and Windows: Christmas Decorating

Windowsills can be turned into beautiful areas during the holiday season but sometimes coming up with the right look is a little difficult or you just can’t get your imaginative juices flowing. This article can help by giving easy and fun ideas for decorating your windowsill for the holidays.

Festive green colored bottles holding branches of red berries can make a windowsil look very Christmassy

1. Find holiday colored bottles in different shapes and sizes. Arrange them on the windowsill and put water in them. Then put pine branches, cut poinsettias and other holiday flowers in the bottles. This creates a fun look that sparkles and shimmers when the sun hits it.

2. Use the windowsill as a place to display pictures from Christmas’ past. Get different sized frames, and arrange them on the windowsill. For a dramatic effect, get an unlike planter and plant ivy. Use those little sticks that cards come on in bouquets but put your pictures in the top. Poke the sticks into the soil in a fun display.

3. Create a window box indoors and put all sorts of potted plants in it. To dress the plants up for the holiday season, hang small ornaments on them. Then put Christmas lights on the window box.

4. Place ivy topiaries on the windowsill and decorate with white lace and holly.

5. Turn the windowsill into a Christmas present. Put festive wrapping paper on the wall and windowsill so that it looks like the front and top of a Christmas present. Put a large bow on top with a tag.

6. Put fake snow on the windowsill and place luminaries at equal intervals along the windowsill. Light the candles for a cheery winter glow.

7. Arrange festive candles on the windowsill. Choose candles with different heights and widths for the best look.

8. Hang candy canes from red ribbon so that they hang down from the edge of the windowsill.

9. Have some of the younger members of the family make gingerbread houses. Then display them on the windowsill. You can even cut a bit of cardboard so that it fits nicely in the windowsill and make little roads out of candies and icing that go between the houses. Don’t forget the street signs.

10. Decorate with pine boughs and pinecones. You can even roll the pinecones in a little glue and then some white sparkly glitter to make it look like they have just been snowed on.

11. Do you have a few different tree toppers? Get small trees to put in the windowsill; put fake snow in the boughs then put on your tree toppers. Now people can see all of them at once.

12. Use the windowsill as a place to display your children’s Christmas art. Get small plastic easels to put some of the larger art on. Attach wire to the edge of the windowsill and wrap it around a clothespin at the end. Use the clothespin to hold artwork.

13. Display collections you may have such as nutcrackers, Christmas bells, ornaments, Christmas villages, antique Christmas cards, or model trains.