Orange-Copper-Bronze Christmas Flower Arrangement

Orange-Copper-Bronze Christmas Flower Arrangement

This arrangement was one of three which I made for a demonstration to Broomsgrove & District Flower Arranging Society.

I have used a brown rectangular base, and two bronze/copper coloured rectangular containers, the taller one placed behind the longer one. These containers were lined with black plastic, as they were made of sisal on a metal framework, and were somewhat see-through.

I then stuffed each container with newspaper, and added floral foam, wrapped in black plastic, for the mechanics.

For the height, I have used some Phormium tenax purpureum, and some copper coloured ting-ting. Other foliage used is Rubus tricolour, Fatshedera lizei, Hedera helix ‘Erecta’, and Hedera colchica variegata. Flowers used were Rosa “Narinja”, Anigozanthos (Kangaroo Paw), and “Kermit” Chrysanthemums.

I have also used some copper coloured artificial leaves and grapes. To link the two containers, I have used some bronze ribbon, and placed some artificial bronze coloured apples at the base of the design.

 About the Author

Chrissie Harten lives in Redditch, Worcestershire, England, with her husband, and her cute dog Toby. Gardening is her passion, and Chrissie loves to describe herself as a plantaholic. When she is not in her garden, Chrissie teaches Flower Arrangements and plays the Saxophone. She is the Secretary and Internet Officer of Bromsgrove and District Flower Arrangement Society, which is affiliated to NAFAS.

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