Orange-Copper Christmas Flower Arrangement

I have used a willow ring as the container for this arrangement in orange and copper colours.

A plastic dish just fits into the hole, and floral foam has been used to support the plant material.

This picture shows one side of the arrangement (the other side is shown below) and I have used three copper coloured candles of varying heights, and two copper coloured wicker balls to repeat the colouring of the candles.

A copper coloured bow is used on the other side of the arrangement.

Flowers used are orange Lilies, and apricot coloured Roses round the other side of the arrangement.

I have also added two satsumas, to pick up the colour of the Lilies, and these have been impaled on barbecue sticks to keep them in position.

Foliage used is blue Picea pungens glauca, a blue conifer (type unknown), Heuchera ‘Pewter Veil’, xFatshedera lizei (plain), and xFatshedera lizei ‘Anna Mikkels’ (variegated), Ilex “Silver Queen’ (variegated Holly), and Tellima grandiflora, whose foliage has lovely maroon veins in winter.

The flowers were from the florist, all the foliage was from the garden.


About the AuthorChrissie Harten lives in Redditch, Worcestershire, England, with her husband, and her cute dog Toby. Gardening is her passion, and Chrissie loves to describe herself as a plantaholic. When she is not in her garden, Chrissie teaches Flower Arrangements and plays the Saxophone. She is the Secretary and Internet Officer of Bromsgrove and District Flower Arrangement Society, which is affiliated to NAFAS.

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