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101 Homemade Gift Ideas for Christmas

Homemade Gifts are easily the best gifts you can ever give to anyone to express your heartfelt wishes in the Holiday Season and all year round. Gifts, whether from your kitchen or from your craft desk, will always be appreciated by everyone who receives them. The personal touch and effort you lend to the gift adds to the warm feeling. Add to that the joys of escaping the mobs at gift stores!

The next few pages are dedicated to this simple joy of giving and receiving homemade gifts. Celebrate the season of Gift Giving with simple and creative homemade gift ideas brought to you by 'Celebrating Christmas' and indulge yourselves in creating gifts and memories that will be treasured for a long time to come...

Baked Gifts from the Kitchen
Nothing says Christmas like freshly baked goodies
Chocolate Gifts from the Kitchen
Recipes and packaging ideas for Chocolate goodies
Sweets & Candy from the Kitchen
Recipes and packaging ideas for traditional sweets and candies
Preserves from the Kitchen
Recipes and packaging ideas for a variety of preserves
Gift Mixes in a Jar
Recipes and packaging ideas for
making varied 'Gifts in a Jar'
Gift Baskets
Ideas for making your own gift baskets on various Christmas themes
Bath & Body Products
Recipes for making your own beauty
products for gifts
Crafty Gifts Part I
Craft ideas for homemade gifts. Make your own gifts!
Crafty Gifts Part 2
More homemade gift ideas for crafters
Give handcrafted gifts!
Christmas Tree Ornaments
Craft ideas for making Christmas tree ornaments for gift-giving
Gifts from the Garden
Creative gifts you can make yourself from materials in your garden
Homemade Gifts for Kids
Gift ideas that are sure to please all kids on your list

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