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I Believe in Santa

A Mom recalls how she managed the tricky age of 12 when the existence of Santa Claus begins to be challenged As a parent, I would often strive at … [Read more...]

Making Christmas Special for Your Kids

Do you remember childhood Christmas’ as if looking through rose-tinted spectacles or do you remember Christmas because it really was that special? If … [Read more...]

Christmas Poem – The Pine Tree Legend

The pine was mortal, once, like other trees That lift their boughs in the air, Wearing in summer its green … [Read more...]

Press Poinsettias and Use as Decorations – Christmas Activity for Kids

Pressed poinsettias add the perfect dash of color and holiday cheer to any area. Have the whole family join in to help with this project. The kids … [Read more...]

How to say ‘Merry Christmas’ in other Languages

Do you know how to say 'Merry Christmas' in other languages? Wouldn't it be fun if you did? Here are some ways of saying 'Merry … [Read more...]

Decorate a Christmas Tree – Online Game

Interactive Online Christmas Games - Decorate a Christmas Tree Online! … [Read more...]

The Christmas Tree – Origin and Legends

People often wonder where the custom of having a tree in the home during Christmas time comes from. We will probably never … [Read more...]

Build a Snowman – Online Game

[Read more...]

The Christmas Fairy/Angel – Origin and Legends

The fairy at the top of the Christmas tree was originally a little figure of the baby Jesus. In late seventeenth century … [Read more...]