Creative Christmas Tree Toppers – Ideas and Options

Many families form a tradition around decorating the Christmas tree, and it is usually one person’s appointed job to place the final item on top of the Christmas tree.

What if you did not have a Christmas tree topper passed down as an heirloom, or did not receive one as a wedding or graduation gift? What then?


The angel is a traditional Christmas tree topper, and there are many on the market. Some angels are made of coiled wire with beads and glitter, for a modern take on an old favorite. But most angels that you will find for resting atop your Christmas tree will have long flowing gowns, and faces of either porcelain, resin, or plastic.

The angel atop your tree could be symbolic of the angel who visited Mary, Mother of Jesus, or the angels who were singing to celebrate his birth. They could also be an acknowledgement and appreciation of the angels that surround us and protect us every day.


Another traditional Christmas tree topper is the star. Most star toppers light up, as the nature of a star is to be radiant and twinkling, but not all of them do. There are stars available on the market that do not light up.


Consider removing the bottom of a birdhouse that resembles a small white church and using it as a Christmas tree topper. For a more homespun Christmas, a church can be created from a milk carton and paint, complete with an opening and closing door.


Hey, sports fans! Here is an idea: Take one of those autographed helmets you have been collecting and display it on top of your holiday tree. Carry the sports theme throughout the whole tree, if you want, for a fun Christmas tree that is sure to be a conversation starter.

Wedding cake top

Nestle the decoration you used atop your wedding cake into the boughs at the peak of your tree. You really can not beat this choice for a romantic and personal touch.


Large snowflakes specifically designed as holiday tree toppers are an excellent choice for a white winter theme. They are usually made of either wire or flocked material, and many snowflakes are wired with white twinkling lights. As an added bonus for some celebrants, snowflakes celebrate the beauty of winter without alluding to any particular religious tradition.


Also usually made or wire and lights or flocked material, starbursts are another option for your tree this Christmas. Unlike stars, which are shaped in five-point stars or as David’s star, starbursts replicate multiple rays of varying lengths shooting out from a central point. Starbursts are a striking addition to your Christmas tree.

Vintage glass pillars

For a touch of class and to evoke memories of bygone Christmases, opt for a vintage or reproduction glass pillar for your tree topper. These are not ideal for homes with adventurous pets or small curious children, but they tower atop a tree, adding several inches to its visual height and can bring a burst of color at its peak.

There are several options on the market for topping your tannenbaum, from the spiritual to the sporty. You could even choose a different one for each tree, if you have more than one in your home.


Christmas Tree Themes

The trend of decorating a Christmas tree around a ‘theme’ has become quite popular

The trend of decorating a Christmas tree around a ‘theme’ has become quite popular. Instead of a hodgepodge of ornaments and garland strung here and there, decorating a Christmas tree has evolved into an organized craft. If you are new to the idea of decorating your tree with a theme or you are simply looking for new ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the more common Christmas tree themes that the holiday stores are supplying for.

Almost everyone has a hobby. A very popular Christmas tree theme will revolve around a person’s favorite hobby. If someone collects teddy bears, angels, and dolls or they love to fish, watch or play a sport or even has an interest in and collects cars, there is a theme available for everyone. The trouble families run into when deciding on a theme along these lines is how to agree on a hobby. Not every family shares the same interests.

Some families rotate the theme for their tree each year. Most families have a special event that they shared together in the past year. If a family traveled together to Hawaii, they might want to have a Hawaiian themed Christmas tree with shells, mini pineapples, little dancing figures in grass skirts etc.

Some people decorate their homes in what is considered a country style or a modern style. The decorations will reflect the environment of the home. If a country kitchen has a red and white checkered tablecloth in it, the tree is likely to follow that idea. The same goes for a modern decorated home. It might have unusual abstract items around the home and the tree would probably feature the same type of unique ornaments. The decorating style decides the theme of the tree.

Many more Christmas tree themes such as Victorian themes, Ocean or Seashore themes, Gingerbread themes, snowman themes, Santa Claus themes, Floral themes and Nativity themes are popular.

Whatever you desire to adorn your tree with, the more personally it touches you the more beautiful the tree will look. Have fun deciding on your theme and have a happy holiday!

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A Christmas Theme for Your Room

How about decorating along a theme this Christmas? Spice up your decorating projects for this Holiday season by using a theme.


Winter Wonderland

White and Icy Blue will do the trick. Use snowflakes, snowballs, snowmen to decorate around the room. Use white lights for the tree. Sprinkle fake snow on the tree, on your wreaths and garlands and even on the mantle.

The ‘Silver White Festive Flower Arrangement’ from our Flower Arrangement Gallery will blend perfectly with this theme.


Use twigs of Holly to decorate bowls, gifts, vases, candles etc. Use holly-patterned fabric. Christmas china is also available with holly motifs. Make a floating display using holly shaped floating candles. Use garlands of artificial holly for decorating the tree. Or use holly-shaped ornaments.


Lace, drapes, swags, bows and lots of greenery will work the magic. Place wreathes on windows, doors and walls and use swags of evergreen. Display your antique crockery and use antique ornaments for trees. Line up your showcases with some pretty ‘Thomas Kinkade’ Victorian villages. Use Victorian Dolls for decor. Place large Victorian cloth dolls on chairs. Use old-fashioned bonnets to adorn walls.


Play with color. Use a Monochromatic or Combination Color scheme and use it all around the house in a creative fashion. For more on Color schemes, read A Christmas Color-Scheme for Your Room.

More ideas for Christmas themes are Toyland, Country, Old Fashioned, Around the World, Nativity etc.

Merry Christmas and Happy Decorating!

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Sounds and Smells of Christmas

Using Sounds and Smells of Christmas for your Room Makeover

1. The sounds and smells of Christmas are as inviting as the sights. Play your favorite Christmas music. Make a selection beforehand and keep ready a CD of songs and carols to be played.

2. Use Jingle bells on door-knobs, edges of linen, as tree ornaments, in wreaths and any other places that you can think of. This old-fashioned way of bringing holiday cheer still works!

3. Delicious smells arising from the kitchen have always been closely associated with Christmas. You can give your house the true Christmas spirit by placing bowls of simmering Potpourri consisting of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves etc.

4. Hang scented sachets in various places to keep your room filled with soothing fragrances.

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Display Christmas Plates as Decorations, Christmas Decorating Article

Christmas plates come in a variety of sizes and with a variety of beautiful artwork, so why not use them to help add some holiday spirit to your home? You don’t have to go out and buy a whole set of plates either. Just keep your eyes open you can often find Christmas plates for between 5 and 10 dollars at garage sales, flea markets and even larger chain stores where you can buy one at a time. Read through this list of ways to display the plates to help you decide what you want to do with your plates.  

Hang the plates on a bare wall in the shape of a triangle and put one right in the middle at the base to make a Christmas tree. This is especially effective if your plates have a lot of green.

Display the plates on the mantle and hang them on the wall above the mantle for a catchy display.

Create a Christmas plate tabletop decoration. Place a cake stand in the center of the table and place a larger plate on it in. Then put a layer of fake snow, or holly leaves or evergreen around the cake stand. Put smaller plates on display stands around the cake stand.

Hang three on the wall above the door, or in a vertical line on a small wall.

Use a display stand to set small plates behind the soap dishes in the bathroom.

Display them on a shelf above a window.

Hang them on the wall around a window or picture to frame them with holiday cheer.

Hang them in an arch on the wall behind the Christmas tree so that you can see them over the tree.

Place three across the top of a coffee table or a single one on a side table and put clear ornaments in them.

Hang an empty frame on the wall and place a particularly favorite Christmas plate inside. Hang garland from the bottom of the frame to complete the look.

If you have a lot of plates that only have a decorative border around the edges create a fun look by putting various candles on the plates and displaying them in a corner.

Mix and match your dishes when setting the table for Christmas dinner. You can create a unique look for each person and everyone will enjoy seeing what plates the other person has.

Get a plain red, green and white plate. Put green and white peppermint candies on the green plate, and tie a white bow around it. Get another white bow and tie a candy cane into it for the red plate. On the white plate put green peppermint candies on the plate, then tie and candy cane into a white bow. Display the three plates down the center of your kitchen table.

Quick Christmas Groupings, Christmas Decorating Article

Christmas decorations don’t need to be elaborate to be attractive! There are many simple things you can do to add some holiday cheer to your home without spending many hours or a lot of money.

Begin by grouping similarly colored holiday items in several containers. Tabletop groupings can be placed on any flat surface and bring the colors and smells of Christmas to any room you choose to decorate. Depending on the containers and contents you choose, you can create many different looks. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Fill a few bowls or jars with candy canes, cinnamon candies, and peppermint candies. The red and white will look very festive, especially in clear glass or white containers. If any of your jars are tall and narrow, you could tie red ribbons around the outside to further emphasize the red theme.

Combine glass Christmas balls in coordinating colors and place them in open bowls, making sure the hangars are all tucked out of sight. Using balls of varying sizes will add to the visual interest. Tuck a few pinecones or pine trimmings in around the edges to give it a finished look. This is a nice way to use the Christmas decorations that didn’t fit on your tree and continue its color scheme throughout your home.

Fill a platter or large shallow bowl with candles of various shapes and sizes. For the most striking effect use all the same color, such as all ivory, red, or green candles, but you can mix different colors if that’s what you have or enjoy. Once all the candles are arranged fill the remaining space with beaded tree garland and a few glass Christmas balls. When the candles are lit, the balls and beads will reflect the candlelight nicely and create an eye-catching centerpiece.

Display your Christmas collectibles on a shallow tray. All your Angels and Santas collected on every vacation can be used to their best advantage by grouping them.
Almost any container can be used to hold anything holiday related, and if you group several of them together, it’s certain to create a festive touch. Look around your home and see what you can whip up in just a few minutes!

Christmas Flower Arrangements

With a little creativity, you can dress up for Christmas with fresh flowers and make your home bloom with holiday cheer. Place these floral arrangements in any corner that needs a perk-up.

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Elegant Floral Arrangement for Your Christmas Table


Dry and Artificial Flower Arrangements

Holiday Wreath

Christmas Wreath

Poinsettia Wall Hanging

Gold Christmas Basket

Oriental Christmas

Wooden Violin

Christmas Fabric and Linen

Use Christmassy fabrics and linen for your room

1. Use hand towels in holiday colors or go for holiday prints.

2. Use bed sheets and pillow cases in holiday prints or those embroidered with holiday motifs.

3. To give any room a festive look, use a festive color in at least 3 places in that room. For e.g. choose bed sheets, table covers and curtains in shades of red.

Note: This article first appeared in the Christmas 2004 issue of ‘Celebrating Christmas PDF Magazine’. To read the complete article and to download a FREE copy of the entire magazine, go to

Ornaments for Decorating Your Home for Christmas

Sprinkle Holiday Cheer All Over Your Home with Ornaments Collected Lovingly Over The Years

One problem that families seem to run into over the years is that they gain a great of amount of Christmas tree ornaments. Often many of the ornaments are too full of memories to get rid of, so why not display them in more ways than just on the tree?
Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Do you have a wallpaper border that doesn’t necessarily go with holiday décor? Get tulle that matches and bunch it together by tying small bows at even intervals. Attach the tulle to the wall just above the wallpaper border with pushpins and arrange the bows so that you can see the pushpins. Hang lighter ornaments along the tulle for a fun display.
  2. Hang ornaments attached to a long piece of ribbon from the mantle in between the stockings.
  3. Create a wreath and hang ornaments on it. Or create wreaths made entirely of baubles. String 2-3 various-sized baubles into thread and tie the thread to a wreath form. Go on doing this till the wreath form gets covered completely.
  4. If you always put garland up, why not add some more holiday fun by hanging ornaments in the garland?
  5. Use small ornaments as gift toppers.
  6. Hang ornaments by ribbon from the ceiling around the Christmas tree. This will add even more beauty.
  7. Put a candle into a large bowl and put small round ornaments around it for a nice affect. Add a large poinsettia or some greenery in between to complete the effect.
  8. Display them on the mantle by with a little bit of fake snow under the ornaments. Alternatively, place baubles on a bed of evergreens and some holly.
  9. Hang small ornaments on any houseplants you have. Adding a small string of lights will give you several tiny ‘Christmas Trees’.
  10. Flat wooden ornaments can be hot glued to napkin ring holders. To carry the theme further put ornaments in the corners of the placemats. Put a showy table runner on the table and place some of your more interesting ornaments all the way down the runner.
  11. To add holiday spirit in the kitchen tie ribbon to the top corners of the back of a chair and hang unbreakable ornaments from it.
  12. A blank spot on the wall becomes the perfect place to create an ornament advent calendar. With a paint pen write the numbers 1-25 on different ornaments. Attach to the wall with ribbon low enough so that everyone can see it, and start counting down the days.
  13. Place ornaments in bowls and put out on side tables.
  14. Use ribbon to tie the corners of the tablecloth and hang an ornament on each ribbon. Or you can even sew up tiny round ornaments to the edges of a tablecloth like jingle bells.
  15. At the dinner table for place settings hang a light ornament from each person’s cup and attach a tag with each person’s name.
  16. Hang ribbon from the corners of all the doorframes in the house and hang ornaments from them.
  17. Hang ornaments from the shower curtain rings in the bathrooms.
  18. Hang ornaments from key racks, coat hooks, and mug hooks.
  19. Hang a few ornaments with a large bell from the doorknob.
  20. Have a chandelier or other similar lighting fixture? String beaded garland around it and hang ornaments from the garland.
  21. String some small ornaments in wool roping and use as curtain tiebacks.