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Christmas Decorating in a Jiffy

Christmas decorations don’t need to be elaborate to be attractive! There are many simple things you can do to add some holiday cheer to your home without spending many hours or a lot of money. Begin by grouping similar holiday items in several containers.

Read More about quickly grouping festive objects together to make lovely decorations in
Quick Christmas Groupings

Avoid the problem of putting up new curtains and get creative to make your own
Festive Curtains in 20 Minutes

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Decorate Your Work Desk for Christmas
Bring the Christmas spirit into your workspace with some decorations

Get Creative When Hanging Stockings
Creative ideas to hang stockings differently this year

Quick Christmas Groupings
Group similar Christmas objects for festive decorating

Christmas Plates as Decorations
Display Christmas plates as decorations for a unique look

Holiday Eco-Decorating
Simple Eco-friendly, natural decor ideas for holidays

Seasonal Decorating Ideas
Ideas for decorating your home for the holiday season

Simple Holiday Ideas
Simple and quick ideas and decorating resolutions for New Year

Ornaments for Decorating
Ornaments Can Decorate More Than Just Your Tree

Festive Curtains in 20 Minutes
Dress up your curtains for the holidays without spending money on new ones

Windowsill Christmas Décor
Easy and fun ideas for decorating your windowsill for the holidays

Christmas Decorating Themes

Christmas Decorating ThemesAdd class to your Christmas decorations by choosing color schemes and themes to decorate upon

Decorating your home is an activity that captures the holiday spirit and reflects personal style. Choosing two main colours and building your Christmas décor around them is a great way to get maximum impact. The decorating team at Canadian Tire suggests these Christmas colour combinations to help you create a beautiful, festive space:

Enchanted Forest

Burgundy and gold form a warm, welcoming look that is contemporary and easy to achieve.


White and apple green create a romantic, modern look using pure, radiant white and apple green accents. This simple, elegant colour combination can begin with white lights and glass tree decorations and carry through to apple green candles and wreaths, such as the white bubble berry wreath available at Canadian Tire.

Country Get-Together

Classic holiday colours mixed with vintage style characters create a country theme. Start with a berry topiary for the table and feature snowmen and other holiday characters throughout the house. Stuffed character stocking holders add some merriment and fun to your holiday decor.


Ivory and gold create a warm atmosphere and a sense of harmony with the use of gold accents with soft ivory undertones. Canadian Tire carries a wide range of tree skirts, table runners, ornaments and candles in gold and ivory. Candles enhance the warmth of a room and invite friends and family to make themselves at home.

Winter Wonder

Turn your home into a winter wonderland using blue and white. Crisp, clean lines will offer maximum impact with minimum effort and give a modern look to your Christmas décor. Nickel and silver-plated items complement blues and bring the look together. The nickel-plated sitting reindeer and large silver candleholders at Canadian Tire are a great way to bring this colour combination beyond the tree.

Violet Dreams

Create a contemporary, unique look using a non-traditional colour. Violet is typically not considered a festive colour, but is a great way to bring your personal style into your holiday decorating. Violet stockings bring attention to the fireplace.

Create your own centre piece by placing a variety of purple-hued holiday decorations and balls in a clear bowl.

Mystical Evening

Make your home glow this holiday season with lights. From the outside to the inside, lights are the easy way to create a feeling of warmth. For the outside, pre-lit LED wreaths highlight your front door. In the front hallway, a pre-lit double topiary tree or cashmere pine tree in a sturdy gold pot adds elegance to your home and makes your friends and family feel immediately welcome.

– News Canada

Christmas Decorating Planner

Ah, Christmas! It’s a time of joy and celebration for families everywhere. On this day, people come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus, share a feast, and exchange gifts. Christmas is more than a holiday, however — it’s a season! Many people deck their homes out in holiday splendor, and if you’re one of them, read on! We’ll show you how to make decorating easy and fun with our Christmas decorating planner.

Two months before Christmas:

Choose your theme! There are so many themes you can use, it’s sometimes hard to choose! Many people go traditional with red and green. If you love these holiday colors, then you won’t have any trouble finding decorations to match. You could choose a particular thing to center your decorations around, like Santa Clauses or snowmen. However, red and green isn’t the only choice out there. Colors like midnight blue and sparkling silver can be beautiful as well. Gold tones also look great with not only midnight blue, but red and green as well. Some people get even more creative and choose colors that may not be associated with Christmas, like a patriotic red, white and blue theme, or a mauve and pink Victorian theme. When it comes to your Christmas themes and colors, the sky’s the limit!

One month before Christmas

Now it’s time to break out the lights! Adorn the exterior of your home with Christmas lights. White is always a beautiful and classic choice, or you can go fun with multicolored lights. There are lights that twinkle and lights that blink. Be sure to test all lights before hanging them to save yourself a lot of hassle! Be safe and recruit a helper, and be sure to use a safe and sturdy ladder if you need to do any climbing. Not only can you adorn your home, but the bushes, trees and shrubs outside your home as well!

Two weeks before Christmas

Two weeks before Christmas is the perfect time to get your tree and adorn the inside of your home! Whether or not you choose an artificial tree or a real tree is a matter of preference. Each offers their own benefits. Artificial trees are hygienic, safe, and economical, as they can be packed away and reused year after year. Yet some traditionalists insist on a real Christmas tree. Visit a tree lot for the widest selection. Popular evergreen trees for Christmas include white pine and Fraser fir. Once your tree is set up in your home, it’s time to decorate! Lights are always a popular choice for Christmas trees. There are also a multitude of ornaments available to match any Christmas decor theme. For a cute touch, hang real candy canes on the branches. If you’re using a real tree, stay safe and make sure you keep the tree watered. A dry tree can be a fire hazard! For a coordinated look, choose a tree skirt that matches your theme and your tree decorations.

One week before Christmas

Now is the time to deck your home out with holiday plants like poinsettia, holly and mistletoe. Because these plants can be toxic to kids and pets, try choosing faux plants made of silk rather than real ones. Today’s silk flowers look so realistic, only you’ll know the difference! Now is also the time to put any finishing touches on your decor. Some people like Christmas themed tabletop decorations like Santa or snowman figurines and snowglobes.

Christmas Eve

Now is the time to set the table for your holiday feast, and of course, hang the stockings! Table adornments and stockings can be found in any color or pattern imaginable, to coordinate with the rest of your home. The only thing left to do is put the presents under the tree and fill the stockings — after everyone’s asleep, of course! Let your little ones leave a snack for Santa and his reindeer, which you can enjoy after you’ve sneakily stuffed stockings and arranged gifts. Here’s a cute idea to thrill your kids on Christmas morning — leave a few crumbs on the plate and a note that says something like, “The snacks were great — the reindeer loved them, too! Love, Santa.”

By planning ahead of time, your home can be a beautiful celebration of the Christmas season. By involving your family, decorating for Christmas can become a tradition that everyone looks forward to year after year!

Christmas Home Decorating Tips, Ideas and Articles

Give your homes a distinct festive touch. From color themes to centerpieces to outdoor decorating, everything you need to bring in the Yuletide spirit.

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Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

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Christmas Decorating on a Budget

If you are like many other people, your entire household budget needs to be adjusted to accommodate the expense of Christmas. Not only are there gifts to buy, but decorations have become incredibly expensive. Here are a few ideas to add some new touches to your holiday decorating without the expense of purchasing new ones.

If you can decide on a Christmas decorating theme, it will save you money in the long run. You will have a purpose in your decorating and by doing so will eliminate several choices that simply won’t match your ideas. There will be no more picking up the cute snowman or Santa plush that is irresistible. As of now, it is irresistible because it does not fit into your theme. Some decorating theme ideas include a country Christmas, Christmas toy land, old-fashioned Christmas, Victorian Christmas and any other possible theme you can think of. The more thought you put into your Christmas theme, the more likely you are to come up with the perfect one for your home- and it didn’t cost you a penny.

Whatever your theme might be, when you are getting ready to decorate go for a walk and collect evergreen branches and limbs to decorate around your home. The smell is perfect for the holidays and the evergreen will look gorgeous on the front door, mantle, stairs or wherever you decide to place it.

If you find the opportunity while you are collecting your evergreen or another time, collect several large pinecones. If you attach three or your desired number of pinecones together with a ribbon, they will look very festive hanging from windows, doorknobs or other locations. If you are feeling particularly creative, drizzle the pinecones with glue and disperse silver or gold sparkles over them. They will reflect light beautifully and look as though you spent quite a bit of time on them.

Place small groups of cinnamon sticks with decorative ribbon tied around them all over your home. Potpourri is quite expensive for a full and delightful scent. Cheat this year and enjoy a scent straight from Mother Nature.

Just about every ‘dollar’ store chain offers an assortment of baskets. Get a can of spray paint and paint those baskets gold, red or green and fill then with pinecones or another festive filler. Evergreen boughs work as well and can be found at no cost in every city.

Felt scraps can be very inexpensive and you just might have some lying around your home. Use that felt to make a unique Christmas garland. You can cut the felt into shapes that will fit your theme or simply cut them into strips and braid them together. Remember to tie each end to the next when creating your original garland.

Finally, if you add a teaspoon (maybe a little more) of soap to acrylic paint you can make sponge shapes on your windows. You can even cut a sponge to suit your decorating theme. By adding the soap, the paint should wash off when you are ready to remove it. Use any non-scratching sponge if you come across a difficult spot.

Christmas is such a joyous yet stressful time of year for most of us. We hope these ideas will lessen your tension and bring you the joy of creating your own, originally decorated home.

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Toddler Friendly Christmas Decorating Idea

Toddler Friendly Christmas Tree Decorating Idea with Stuffed Toys

This pretty Christmas tree made using stuffed toys can be a Christmas tree alternative in a kids room or baby nursery, or simply a kid-friendly decoration to brighten up any corner of your home. Make Christmas special for your toddler.

Toddler Friendly Christmas Tree Decorating Idea with Stuffed Toys
A Teddy Bear Christmas Tree for Kids

Skip the real or artificial fir and create your own toddler-friendly version with stuffed toys like teddy bears. A nursery stool gives the necessary shape and height to this tree. Group together little teddy bears (dressed up in Red and Green, if possible) on the stool and at its base. A star-shaped straw wreath makes for the tree topper and the pretty nativity tole painting plaque adds to the lovely decoration.

More Ideas for Toddler-friendly Christmas Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorating for Toddlers

When decorating for Christmas, take into consideration your little one. Keep your fragile ornaments in their boxes and decorate the Christmas tree with paper chains, paper snowflakes, edible ornaments, stuffed toys, or other unbreakable and safe items.

Around the House

Hunt for large stuffed toys like Santa, snowmen and elves that your toddler will love. If you do not wish to spend money on them, use existing large toys and dress them up in festive colors and stitch gifts into their hands or Santa hats on to their heads.

Use some of your toddler’s soft toys. Our ‘Raggedy Ann and Andy’ always find their way into any decor, whether it is for Christmas or for a Birthday party. Set them up near the fireplace, on a corner table or on a shelf having tea or a picnic.

More Ideas for Making Christmas Special for Your Toddler.

25 Fun Activities to Keep the Kids and Guests Busy during Christmas

Christmas Games and Activities for Kids and Guests

Keep the Kids and Your Holiday Guests Busy While You Get Your Own Work done or Take a Break and Enjoy Some Time with them! Here are some fun Christmas games and Holiday Activities for Kids and Guests.

Christmas Games and Activities for Kids and Guests

1. Enjoy story time

Adults and children will have fun together listening to a wonderful tale. An adult family member or older child can be the reader. There are so many wonderful Christmas stories available, but here are a few suggestions to get you started:

• The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree: an Appalachian Story, By Gloria Houston, pictures by Barbara Cooney

• Christmas on Exeter Street by Diana Hendry pictures by John Lawrence

• Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg

• Santa Calls by William Joyce

• The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, by Susan Wojciechowski, pictures by P.J. Lynch

2. Edible Snowmen

This is an easy way to keep young hands busy. Give the kids large marshmallows, white frosting, graham crackers and small candies. Show them how they can make a snowman by using the graham cracker as a base and the marshmallows as the snowman’s body and head. They can then decorate them with the small candies.

3. Movie Time

Get comfortable on the couch, break out one of those Christmas tins filled with popcorn and watch a fun Christmas movie (check out the article about the top ten Christmas movies for suggestions).

4. Memory Game with a Twist

Gather up Christmas stockings and different types of wrapped candy. You will need two of each type of candy. Put one candy in each stocking and lay the stockings on a table or the floor in a grid. Have guests take turns trying to find matches and when someone gets a match, they get to keep the candies. Yum!

5. Cookie Decorating

Provide Christmas Shaped Sugar Cookies, colored frosting and small candies and let everyone decorate their own cookies.

6. Tree Decorating

Set up the Christmas tree, put out the ornaments and let everyone decorate it. Want to turn it into a contest. Get a few of those smaller trees with the tiny ornaments. They can be found at most craft stores. Divide guests smaller trees with the tiny ornaments. They can be found at most craft stores. Divide guests into groups. Give out small prizes for those who decorate it the fastest, prettiest, etc.

7. Go Christmas Caroling

Print off a few copies of the words to favorite carols and go out and spread the Christmas cheer. When everyone gets back provide hot chocolate and cookies.

8. Group Up

The host calls out a number, usually between two and fifteen. The number shouldn’t be more than half of the number of total participants. When the number is called out everyone must try to collect in a group that contains that number of people. To be considered a group the group members have to be latching arms or have their arms wrapped around each other so that the leader can see who is in the group. Those who do not get in a correct numbered group are out. As the game continues there are fewer participants.

9. Christmas Gift Game

For this game you will need a hat, a pair of gloves, a pair of dice, and a gift wrapped in multiple layers of boxes. To play the game have everyone stand in a circle and place the gift, gloves and hat in the middle. The first person is given the dice to roll. If they get a six, one or twelve, then they run to the middle of the circle put the hat and gloves on and try to unwrap the gift. While they are doing this, the dice continue to go around the circle, and the next person to roll a one, six or twelve comes to the center. The previous person must take off the gloves and hat and give the present to the next person to try and unwrap. The game continues until the gift is all the way unwrapped. The person to get it unwrapped gets the prize.

10. Letter to Santa

Provide paper, crayons and pencils and have everyone write a wish list letter to Santa.

11. Book Exchange

Ask everyone to bring a wrapped Christmas book. You will need to have the story of the Gingerbread Man. Have everyone sit in a circle holding a wrapped book. The host will read the Gingerbread Man story and each time the word “ran” is read everyone passes a book to the person on the right. When the story is over everyone can open the book they are holding.

12. Word Find

Write longer Christmas related word or phrase a put it where everyone can see it. Pass out paper and pencils and tell everyone to figure out how many words they can make out of the word or phrase in three minutes.

13. Classic Games

Play Pin The Nose On Frosty or Rudolph

14. Siamese Twin gift-wrap

To play this game you will need two boxes, wrapping paper, and tape. You will need four volunteers. Two people will stand side by side with one hand on the other person’s waist, so that one person has their left hand free and the other person has their right hand free. The two “Siamese Twins” must then try to wrap the box.

15. Play Jeopardy

Get a posterboard and some Sticky-notes. Place the sticky notes on the board in a grid, and then write Christmas related questions on each of them. The questions can be anything from when a certain Christmas carol was written to how Santa gets into houses. Then place sticky notes on top of the questions with dollar values just like jeopardy. Set up the board and let guests divide into two teams and have fun seeing who can win the most “money.”

16. Christmas Carol Charades

Have someone act out the name of a Christmas song while everyone else tries to guess what it is.

17. Anagrams – Unscramble these Christmas Carols

Give everyone a copy of these and a pencil and see who can figure them all out.

1. Lets thin gin ___________ _____________

2. Jill lens beg _____________ ____________

3. Again wean army _____ ____ _____ ______

4. Flee this torn ______ _______ ________

5. Oilcloth jolly sands ________ ___ ___ ________

6. Fatter hymns swoon _______ ____ _____________

18. Make a Christmas Tree

Give everyone a piece of paper and have them try to teat it in the shape of a Christmas tree. The catch is that they have to do it behind their backs.

19. A Picture of Frosty

Give everyone a piece of paper and a marker. Tell them that they must draw a picture of Frosty the Snowman while holding the paper above their head.

20. Toss the Goodies

This one is especially great at parties with lots of children. Spread a sheet on the floor and put lots of wrapped goodies in the middle of the sheet. Have the children hold on to the edge of the sheet and lightly shake it while they sing a Christmas carol. When they get to the end let them give one big toss. The goodies should fly out and they will have fun trying to find them all.

21. What is that?

Have people divide into groups of two and sit back to back. One person is given some small object, like an ornament, and the other is given paper and a pencil. The person with the object must describe to the person how to draw the object, but they can’t tell them what the object is. For example they can say draw a square, but they can’t say draw a soldier.

22. Guess the object.

Cut different picture of Christmas items out of magazines, but cut only a small part of it. Paste the pictures to notecards and when guests arrive give them a piece of paper and a pencil and have them try to guess what the objects are.

23. Who am I?

Put name cards on people’s backs with different Christmas characters, such as Santa, Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman and so on. The guests must ask yes or no questions to each other to try and figure out who they are.

24. Noah’s Ark

Write the names of animals on notecards. Make two notecards for each animal. Make sure that you have an even number of people participating. Pass out the cards, and then tell everyone that they must act like the animal on the card and find their “mate.” They can’t yell out the name of their animal, but can make the noises that the animal would make. When a player finds their mate they must sit down as fast as possible.

25. I Have Never

Give everyone the same number of some small object, like paperclips, pennies or small wrapped candies. People go around the circle saying something that they have never done. All the people who have done that thing must give them one of their objects. At the end of the game the person with the smallest objects wins.

This article first appeared in the ‘Celebrating Christmas PDF Magazine‘ (2007 issue) which is a FREE magazine that you can download and even print out.

Stress Free Holiday Shopping

Tips for Stress Free Holiday Shopping

The House is Shiny and you are sweating; the dinner table is laden and cookie jars are filled but you hardly feel like tasting a thing because you are dead tired; and you also need to drive to malls and get the shopping sorted out. Holidays can become stressful but like with everything else, there is hope! Check out some tips for stress-free shopping times.

Tips for Stress Free Holiday Shopping

Timing is Everything

Those who plan ahead and are always keeping an eye out for great gifts before the holiday shopping season comes say they are less stressed during the holiday season and have more time to enjoy the holiday festivities. But if you aren’t that prepared and end up shopping during the holiday season for gifts, it is best to go during times when it is less crowded. Retailers say that they have the fewest customers during the early morning hours and they are the most crowded during weekends and holidays.

Make Lists

Take a cue from Santa and make a list of all those people that you are planning on buying gifts for, and check them off as you get the gifts. Or if you are getting multiple gifts for some (i.e. your kids or spouse) make tally marks so that you can easily see how many gifts you have bought for each person.

Take Stock

Check your gift wrapping supplies and make sure you have what you need to wrap the gifts. If you don’t have everything you need, write out a list and pick up the supplies while looking for gifts. This will save you from having to go back to the store just to pick up some tape or more wrapping paper.

Consider Shopping online or by Mail

Many online companies and mail order companies will wrap the gifts, include a card and ship them directly to the receiver. This is an especially great option if you will be getting gifts for family or friends who are far away. Plus you won’t even have to leave the house or fight crowds.

Kids Coming Along?

Don’t have time to shop for the kids gifts without them with you? Consider asking a family member or even getting a babysitter to go with you. They can distract and keep the kids entertained until you’ve selected the presents and have them safely hidden in the grocery bags.

Did you know…

That Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) isn’t the busiest shopping day of the year? So what day gets that special title? The Saturday before Christmas; you’ll definitely want to avoid shopping on that day if you would like to miss the crowds.

Avoid Pressure

If you are in a rush you often feel pressured to make a purchase that you may later regret. Avoid the stress of having to return an unwanted gift later by stepping back and taking a little bit of time to think about the gift. If you need to ask the salesperson to put it on hold and go do something else for a little bit, then come back and if you still want the item than it is probably a good choice.

100% Guarantee

Make sure to only buy from stores that have a refund or exchange policy. Keep receipts for all gift purchases in an envelope so that you will know where they are if you need to take an item back. Ask for gift receipts for items and include the receipt with the gift especially if it is clothing that might not fit.

Avoid Lines

Most stores have multiple cash registers in different parts of the store and will allow you to ring up any items from the store at these registers. If the lines up front are incredibly long, swing by the photo counter, electronics counter, jewelry counter or other department counters to have your items rung up. This will often save you a lot of time and stress.

Take Breaks

And lastly, shopping can become a much better experience if you squeeze in little coffee and snack breaks to keep your energy levels high at all times.

This article first appeared in the Celebrating Christmas PDF Magazine 2007 issue.

Victorian Gingerbread House

Victorian Gingerbread House

Decorate a Gorgeous, Victorian Gingerbread House this Christmas with our foolproof blueprint and step by step decorating ideas.

Tammy Graf from Encino, CA constructed this Victorian style Gingerbread House using our blueprint for Victorian Gingerbread House and shared her decorating ideas with fellow Christmas Baking enthusiasts.

Victorian Gingerbread House
Victorian Gingerbread House – baked from scratch and decorated by Tammy Graf

Tammy modified our Victorian Gingerbread House pattern by adding a Chimney (download plan separately).

Patience is the key to a beautiful, large Gingerbread House, says Tammy. She took her time creating this lovely house by first making the gingerbread and letting it cool overnight. She then, built the house, let it sit overnight, decorated one side, let it sit overnight, etc.

Decorating Details

Here is what you will need to decorate your Victorian Gingerbread House.

Victorian Gingerbread House - Front View
Full Front View showing the Decoration Details

Chimney: Chocolate Covered Raisins
Roof: Nickle wafers
Windows: Yellow and Brown Icing
Side walk: Peppermint patties and shoestring licorice
Fence:  2 tone (red and green) Sugar wafers with Wilton icing on top
Pond: Blue icing
Tree , present, snowman: Not gingerbread. yes, they are fake!
Wreaths on front door: Gingerbread.
Walls: M&M’s.

The poinsettia leaves on the fence are table decorations.

Back View

Here is the back view of the Victorian Gingerbread House.

Victorian Gingerbread House - Back View
Back View