Cable Buffet Napkin Fold – Festive Napkin Folding

This Christmas, try some festive napkin folding for your holiday dinner table. This easy napkin folding gives you pretty pockets to display the cutlery for each place setting.

Cable Buffet Napkin Fold - Festive Napkin Folding

How to:

1. Fold the bottom edge of the napkin up to the top. Next, fold the top layer down to meet the bottom edge.


2. Fold all the bottom layers back up a little way and turn the napkin over. To make a longer design you can turn up only the upper bottom layer as in the main picture.

3. Bring the right side of the design into the centre.

4. Carefully bring the left side into the centre.

5. Tuck one half of the napkin deep into the other half, locking the napkin flat. Turn over to insert cutlery into the pocket.