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'The Golden Age of Cinema' Holiday Party

Invite friends for a ‘Movies at Home’ Christmas Night party and enjoy a relaxed evening watching all-time favorite movies that bring in holiday cheer.

'The Golden Age of Cinema' Holiday Party


Create an invitation that looks like an old time movie ticket (these can also sometimes be found at craft or party stores). We have provided an image of an old movie ticket for you to print out and use in your invitations. If you would like to center the party on a particular movie or star, use those photos instead.


Give the information for the party on the back and do not forget to mention the dress code if you plan to have any.


The Red Carpet

Roll out the red carpet, literally. You can create a "red carpet" leading up to your door and into the party area by cutting red felt or red party tablecloths to size and taping them to the floor. Your own Christmas decorations will already give your home the glitz and glamour look of a celebrity party.

Black and White

Create a B/W decorative accent or dress up a table in this color scheme by using black and white balloons, table cloth and black and white movie reel cutouts.

Add a few more movie themed decorations like movie posters, clap boards, award trophies, movie reels etc. and a few well placed spotlights and you are ready to go.

Games and Activities


As the guests arrive at the party have them "dress up" in a few items from the golden years of cinema. For the women offer a boa, funky beads and a fun hat. Offer them men a cane and top hat and have them take a picture with a celebrity (a cut out of anyone famous you choose).

Take instant photos so that they can be displayed at the end of the party and given to your guests to take home.

Movie Time

When everyone has arrived start a classic Christmas movie like "A Christmas Carol," or "It's a Wonderful Life." Refer to our article on ‘Top 10 Christmas Movies’ to choose from. Offer popcorn and soft drinks during the movie.


About half way through the movie, have an intermission. Hand out little autograph books and pens and let everyone chat and sign the books. Hand out some Christmas candy.

You can even make a game out of it. Let everyone know that the first person to get everyone's autographs wins a pair of movie tickets or some other related prize.

Movie Exchange

Another fun idea is to have a movie exchange. On the invitation ask everyone to bring a movie they no longer watch (the key is that it is not one that they have gone out and bought). Make them wrap the movie. Set all of them in the center of the room. Then let someone open one. The next person in line can either take the movie the first person opened or open a new one. This continues until everyone has a movie.

Christmas Movie Quiz

Prepare a Christmas movie quiz and make several copies of it for all the guests. Provide guests with pens and give them one minute or a pre-decided time to complete the quiz.

Playing the Part

All guests take their turn to enact a few lines of their favorite Christmas movie character. After all the performances, decide by vote the awards. Give away movie style trophy awards for prizes like Best Acting, Best Costume etc. Award trophies are available in party supply stores or you can make your own by spray-painting little statuettes. For added fun, you could give out Santa statuettes as trophies since this is a Christmas movie theme party.

Food and Drink Ideas

When the movie is over let guests talk and enjoy seeing the funny pictures they took when they came. You can also offer fun finger foods and cocktails to finish off the night.

This article first appeared in the 'Celebrating Christmas PDF Magazine' which is a FREE magazine that you can download and even print out.

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