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Christmas Party Planning, Party Themes, Party Games, Ideas, Table Setting, Napkin Folding etc.

Christmas Party Themes

It's party time! The holidays are here and we have all the reasons to party (not that we need a reason to party!). Parties are always fun as they bring together friends and family. To add more fun, plan a themed party this year. These ideas will get you started.

Christmas Party Planning

“You’re invited . . .” are always popular and welcome words around the holidays. If you’re like me, you love to host a party. But if you’re a hostess with the “leastest” amount of time, a party is a lot of work. Entertaining requires considerable planning and preparation because there are so many things to do.

Christmas Party Games

To liven up your gatherings this holiday season, why not try some Christmas themed games? There are lots of games that are fun for all ages, from eight to eighty! Here are a few of our favorite Christmas party games that anyone can play.

Table Setting

Setting a beautiful and festive table for holiday dinners and buffets is as important as serving a sumptuous, traditional holiday meal. With these informative articles and tips and beautiful napkin folding projects, table setting will become much easier and creative.

Youth Christmas Party Ideas

These Christmas games and Ideas can be used, not only for youth groups, but for schools, company meetings, family gatherings, community events, and social clubs, Use them for parties, on company retreats, family get-togethers, School Christmas parties, and more! Whatever the occasion, you'll probably find a Christmas idea in here appropriate to it. Included are Christmas games, get to know you questions, object lessons, teaching ideas and wacky activities from mild to wild! From children to Senior citizens!


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Printable Christmas Games

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