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Dessert Parties For The Holiday's or Any Day...

This is probably the most feminine form of entertaining. There are a dozen excuses to have a dessert party: a club meeting in the home, an afternoon of bridge, a shower for the bride or mommy-to-be, holiday get-togethers, the introduction of a newcomer in the neighborhood to your friends. It's a happy sort of affair, usually given in the afternoon, but occasionally late in the evening.

The dessert's the thing - for a dessert party is not and should not be a meal, but merely a gesture of dainty, delectable hospitality. The whole menu served at the dessert party need consist of no more than the dessert itself - eye appealing, taste-tempting and irresistibly delicious - with, of course, a beverage of distinction. Include salted nuts and mints if you wish.

Service for the dessert party should be of the simplest. You may have your card table or tables spread with dainty cloths and set with silver and napkins when your guests arrive; this permits your guests to finish eating and you to clear the tables before the business or pleasure of the meeting gets under way. Or finish the business first, and then set the tables, so guest may relax over your dessert masterpiece. The dessert itself may either be served and prettily garnished in the kitchen; or if the dessert is particularly beautiful, by all means display the the attractively garnished platter before you serve it.

Sparkling Pineapple Float

Sparkling Raspberry Float

Fruit Kabobs

Individual Baked Alaskas

Peppermint Stick Delight

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