Gingerbread House 101

Whether pre-bought from a local bakery or made fresh in your oven, Gingerbread Houses give your children and teenagers the opportunity to transform your home with wonderful aromas and festive decorations that are oh so good enough to eat…. they love being creative and enjoy it all the more when they can eat their art supplies.

Gingerbread House 101 - Recipes, Templates, Decorating Ideas and More

From the very simple designs for those busy moms and dads to challenging blueprints for art projects for those artists among us, we’ve got it all. We’ve also included some gingerbread recipes for holiday gifts, Hanukkah and potlucks…Let the decorating begin!!!

Gingerbread House Basics

Gingerbread Party

Gingerbread House General Construction Plan

Gingerbread House Construction & Decorating Ideas

Gingerbread House Landscaping Ideas

Building Materials for Gingerbread House Making

Gingerbread House – No Bake Alternatives

Gingerbread Recipes

Basic Gingerbread Recipe

Royal Icing Cement (“not” edible)

Almost Buttercream Cement (edible)

Gingerbread Ornaments

Gingerbread Gift Recipes

Gingerbread House Blueprints

One-room house

Victorian house


Country store

Log cabin

Dormer & Chimney

Gingerbread House Ideas

Victorian Gingerbread House Decorating Ideas

Rolled Wafer Log Cabin – No Bake ‘Gingerbread’ House