Festive Ideas: 5 Quick Christmas Decorations

5 Quick Christmas Decorations

Do not forget the little details. They are the most special things to take care of, and often bring smiles to many faces. These ideas for 5 Quick Christmas Decorations, published in our 2012 issue, are perfect to brighten up any place in no time.

Your door knobs, for example. Bring holiday cheer to any hand that reaches out for them. Here are two ways to decorate them, but the possibilities are endless.

Spare some of tree ornaments or tie a ribbon to a bauble or a stocking and slide them into a door handle. A handspun fabric ornament can also be used.

5 Quick Christmas Decorations - Stockings on Door Handles

This could also be a great way to use your Christmas cards. Find a smaller card or use the front of an old card, punch a hole, tie it using ribbon and slide it into a handle or a knob.

5 Quick Christmas Decorations - Ornaments on Door Handles

Flower arrangements for Christmas need not be elaborate. Less is more with seasonal red berries. A branch of berries along with some greens look festive in white vases.

Red Berries in White Vases - 5 Quick Christmas Decorations

A little touch that makes a lot of difference to any Christmas Day décor is Candle rings. When making your wreaths, be sure to make some miniature versions to use as circular bases for your Christmas candles. Berry wreaths look especially beautiful since most of us use red or white candles during this time of the year.

Berry Wreaths as Candle Rings - 5 Quick Christmas Decorations

Fabric crafters who are into patchwork and quilting can create one-of-a-kind keepsake gifts that will be cherished for a long, long time to come. Get patched quilt squares framed to give as gifts. It is easier than making an entire quilt and you will be able to make several of these in no time and with most of the fabric coming out of your scrap box.

Framed Patchwork Quilt Squares as Christmas Decor or Gifts

Peacock Christmas Decorating Ideas

Peacock Themed Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Blue and Green for Christmas? Why Not?! The trendiest colors in home decorating can be beautifully adapted to the festive holiday decorations. Add a dash of gold, purple, green and some shimmer and you are all set to dazzle your visitors with these peacock Christmas decorating ideas.

Peacock Themed Christmas Tree Decorating

It has to begin with the tree! The Christmas tree being the focal point of all Christmas decorations, will set your peacock theme from where you will find it easier to carry it in the other areas.

Peacock Themed Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Use peacock shaped and themed ornaments to create the look. Mix round baubles with teardrop and clusters to create a full-looking tree.

Regal Peacock Lavish Blue and Purple Sequined and Glittered Christmas Ball Ornament

White Peacock Ornaments

Kurt Adler  Gold, Purple and Green Glitter Beads and Cord Ornaments: Ball, Dome and Heart

6.25″ Regal Peacock Blue Beaded and Glittered Minaret with Floral Gem

Glass Peacock Hand Decorated Reflector Ornaments Set of 12

Kurt Adler Peacock Design Glass Ball Ornament

6 December Diamonds Regal Peacock Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments 3.75″

125-Piece Club Pack of Shatterproof Regal Peacock Blue Christmas Ornaments

Peacock Christmas Decorations

For mantles, tables and any other corners where you have space for large decorations, mix peacock feather sprays with large silk flowers in teal and purple mixed with Christmas greenery. The peacock theme is decidedly Asian, so think Rich and Opulent!

Peacock Christmas Decoration Ideas

Always balance with dull, Baroque-style gold decorations to balance off or you might get carried away with the colors.

Use decorations in Peacock colors as well as motifs to complete the look.

Decorative Christmas Trees in Jewel Peacock Tones

Lighted Peacock Feather Branches


Regal Peacock Bird Decorations

Outdoor Peacock Christmas Decorations

Take your theme outdoors and create a stunning entryway using lighted peacock Christmas decorations.

Outdoor Peacock Christmas Decoration
4 ft. tall Peacock yard decoration with sparkling LED lights

Beyond Decorations

Take your Christmas celebrations beyond just the decorations and add peacock touches in other places too. We love these dimensional peacock gift tags for all our Christmas gifts!

Peacock Gift Tags for Christmas
Punch Studio Peacock Dimensional Gift Tags

5 Quick Christmas Ideas for the Unconventional Home

Twig trees make lovely Christmas tree alternatives

If you love Christmas but don’t have the time, space or inclination to adorn your home with tinsel, bells and holly wreaths, then it’s time to get creative on your festive decor. Bushy green trees topped with fairies aren’t the only way to go, and increasingly companies are realising that people demand a little more variety for their carefully crafted home.

So for those of you who like your design a little more fresh and contemporary, we bring you the Christmas decorations that go slightly against the grain. Daring maybe, but these quick and simple ideas are perfect for festive style that goes that extra mile.

1. The ‘black as the night’ tree

Black Christmas Trees

Is it possible for a Christmas tree to be sexy? We think so as Christmas trees slip into something a little more comfortable and go black (and blue) for the contemporary home owner (see above). Decorate with a pop of colour (turquoise accessories look fantastic) or keep sleek and silver for a minimalist effect. They’re not your average DIY store find, but Christmas Tree World offers a great selection of black Christmas trees.

2. The Space Saver

christmas tree wall decal

If your family is growing quicker than your floor space, then a dominating tree complete with hanging ornaments probably isn’t ideal when toddlers are learning to explore. One of the best ways to inject a little Christmas spirit into your home without cluttering limited space is to opt for a contemporary personalised wall sticker; they’re widely available and can be completely tailored to your style. Whether it’s a 5 foot Christmas tree mural created from your family names or a well placed prancing reindeer, Not on the High Street has a great range that’ll cost you pennies (and won’t damage your walls either!).

3. The Centerpiece

quick christmas centerpiece with ornaments

A busy lifestyle can mean that couples and those who live alone don’t really have the time to pay much attention to their festive decorations, so if you’re used to dashing in and out and finally collapsing on the sofa on Christmas eve, then a centerpiece here and there is a great way to make your home feel festive without eating into your schedule. Our favourite is a simple large glass bowl filled with coloured Christmas baubles – fresh, modern and cheap to create. You could also place ornaments in a glass dome for a different look. If you prefer a more natural theme then you can also fill clear bowls and vases with silver spray painted pinecones – an exceptionally cheap alternative!

4. Create Your Own Tree

Twig trees make lovely Christmas tree alternatives

For some nothing but the works will do, but if you’re looking to create a romantic festive feel, then the effect can be created without opting for an evergreen. If you’ve seen delicately illuminated ‘twig’ formations on popular home and decorating blogs then you’ll know how pretty these can look – especially in a minimalist scheme. You can create your own by simply filling a tall vase with stones or florists foam and inserting the twigs to create a bespoke effect. It can also look beautiful if you spray paint the twigs silver for a ‘winter wonderland’ effect. It goes without saying, ensure you’re only using naturally felled twigs and thoroughly dry any woodland materials before using. A few ornaments or gingerbread cookies can decorate these minimalist ‘twig trees’ to perfection.

5. Go green with e-cards

christmas ecards

If you appreciate your home being adorned with Christmas cards then this one might not be a tip for you, but if you could do without the clutter and waste then e-cards are environmentally friendly and in many cases can be purchased from well-known charities. Do a good deed; brighten up their inbox and keep your home clutter (and rainforest!) free.

Victoria is writing on behalf of Christmas Tree World, a UK based provider of quality artificial Christmas trees.

Snow Mocktail Creative Christmas Centerpiece Idea

Snow Mocktail Creative Christmas Centerpiece Idea

A centerpiece combining the look of snow and beach is a lovely addition to the décor of a Christmas in the Islands Party.

Snow Mocktail Christmas Centerpiece

Snow Mocktail Centerpiece

To make this ‘Snow Mocktail’ centerpiece, fill different sized and shaped glasses with fake snow and add top with small glass baubles. Add a little parasol to each. For the large glass, fill one third of the glass with snow and then add a thick layer of green marbles (available at decorating or craft supply stores). Repeat and top with baubles.



Stacked Gifts Creative Christmas Centerpiece Idea

Stacked Gifts Creative Christmas Centerpiece Idea

For a stunning centerpiece for a ‘Wrap It Up’ – Gift Wrapping Christmas Party, stack up large wrapped gift boxes and tie them up with pretty ribbons.

Stacked Gifts Creative Christmas Centerpiece Idea

Stacked Gifts Centerpiece

Top with a large bow or a bunch of baubles like we have. You can get hardboard boxes or cardboard boxes from a local bakery to wrap. If using baker’s boxes, make sure to keep a book inside them to give them some weight.

Next Centerpiece

** Featured on the cover page of Celebrating Christmas PDF Magazine 2007


Tea Kettle Creative Christmas Centerpiece Idea

A Glass Tea Kettle is transformed into a glowing centerpiece for a Christmas table.

A Glass Tea Kettle is transformed into a glowing centerpiece for a Christmas table.

Creative Christmas Centerpieces - Tea Kettle Centerpiece

Tea Kettle Centerpiece

How To:

Take a small glass or a tea-light holder. Place a tealight candle in it and place the glass in the center of the kettle. Fill the sides of the kettle around the glass with the tealight inside, with small glass baubles and table décor marbles.



Artificial Christmas Wreath


For this wall-hanging design, I have taken a wire wreath frame, and added a looped wire for a hanger.

Then, I have woven it with olive-green ribbon to cover the wire (see detailed photo below).

Finally, I have added a spray of red, green and gold coloured artificial materials, with a tartan bow, and some gold ribbon streamers.

This is quite light in weight, so would be more suitable for an inside wall or door, as the wind would probably blow it around far too much if it was outside, unless it was in a very sheltered position.


About the AuthorChrissie Harten lives in Redditch, Worcestershire, England, with her husband, and her cute dog Toby. Gardening is her passion, and Chrissie loves to describe herself as a plantaholic. When she is not in her garden, Chrissie teaches Flower Arrangements and plays the Saxophone. She is the Secretary and Internet Officer of Bromsgrove and District Flower Arrangement Society, which is affiliated to NAFAS.

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DIY Artificial Ivy Leaves Christmas Tree

DIY Artificial Ivy Leaves Christmas Tree

DIY Artificial Ivy Leaves Christmas Tree

For this Christmas Tree design, I have used a gold-sprayed basketry pot for the container.

I have used a dri-foam cone for the tree itself, and glued it into position in the top of the pot.

Then, starting from the base of the cone, I have pinned Ivy leaves in rows around the cone, bringing the first row down over the rim of the container.

Each leaf and row should slightly overlap, so that no foam is showing.

I have used quite undulating Ivy leaves for this, rather than flat ones, as I wanted a slightly uneven look to it.

I have pinned some gold artificial leaves at intervals all around the design, to bring a bit of festive spirit to the design!

Finally, I have added some small gold berries, pinned in at intervals.

About the AuthorChrissie Harten lives in Redditch, Worcestershire, England, with her husband, and her cute dog Toby. Gardening is her passion, and Chrissie loves to describe herself as a plantaholic. When she is not in her garden, Chrissie teaches Flower Arrangements and plays the Saxophone. She is the Secretary and Internet Officer of Bromsgrove and District Flower Arrangement Society, which is affiliated to NAFAS.

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