7 Beautifully Festive Christmas Tree Themes

7 Festive Christmas Tree Themes

These beautifully styled designer Christmas trees are sure to be the focal point of your Christmas decorations and will probably inspire the rest of your decorations as well. Get inspired by these creative festive Christmas tree themes to decorate your own masterpiece.

Burnished Treasure

Burnt Autumn Palette Christmas Tree Decorating Theme

Look for decorations in deep autumnal color palettes for this look. Start with over-sized poinsettias in burnt orange and fill up spaces with smaller decorations in colors ranging from reds, autumn oranges to gold and copper.

Traditional Red

Traditional Red Christmas Tree Decorating Theme

Go all traditional with reds this Christmas. Large polyester poinsettias will add a designer look to your tree. Fill in the spaces with traditional shapes and colors like red, green and gold.

Champagne Frost

Champagne Frost Christmas Tree Decorating Theme in Champagne and Silver

Champagne and Silver come together to decorate this elegant Christmas tree for the festivities. Start by adding evenly-spaced large champagne colored poinsettias to the tree and then fill up with smaller balls and ornaments in champagne, sparkling silver, frosted and beaded. Champagne colored sprays and boughs add a lovely look to the tree.

Holiday Menagerie

Holiday menagerie Christmas tree decorating theme - A Colorful tree for the kids

For a tree bursting in color that is sure to please the kids, go for an all-white tree to showcase colored decorations. Look for solid and striped ornaments in assorted candy colors. Add a ‘zoo’ look to the tree with animal shaped ornaments which will be loved by the younger ones.

Partridge in a Pear Tree

Nature Themed Christmas Tree Decorating

Go all natural with your Christmas tree decorating this Christmas. Look for rustic colors and natural decorations. Add grass, oak leaf and pine tree sprays along with bird and nest ornaments. Bundles of feathers and fruit laden branches will add to the charm of this nature-themed tree.

Merry Winter

Merry Winter Christmas Tree Decorating Theme with Santa, Snowmen, Snowflakes and Winter Symbols

All things that make winters bright and cheerful make this tree a favorite! From large sleigh bells to snowflakes, stockings, warm mittens to pinecones, Santa and Snowmen, this tree has them all! Add homespun felt ornaments to make the tree even more personal.

Designer Hot Pink

Hot Pink and White Christmas Tree Theme

If you are looking for a more offbeat and modern theme, consider decorating your tree along the lines of this designer Christmas tree. Jeweled poinsettias in hot pink set the theme on a white tree. Add trumpet flower and mistletoe sprays in pink with a few touches of silver sprays and ornaments here and there.

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Peacock Christmas Decorating Ideas

Peacock Themed Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Blue and Green for Christmas? Why Not?! The trendiest colors in home decorating can be beautifully adapted to the festive holiday decorations. Add a dash of gold, purple, green and some shimmer and you are all set to dazzle your visitors with these peacock Christmas decorating ideas.

Peacock Themed Christmas Tree Decorating

It has to begin with the tree! The Christmas tree being the focal point of all Christmas decorations, will set your peacock theme from where you will find it easier to carry it in the other areas.

Peacock Themed Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Use peacock shaped and themed ornaments to create the look. Mix round baubles with teardrop and clusters to create a full-looking tree.

Regal Peacock Lavish Blue and Purple Sequined and Glittered Christmas Ball Ornament

White Peacock Ornaments

Kurt Adler  Gold, Purple and Green Glitter Beads and Cord Ornaments: Ball, Dome and Heart

6.25″ Regal Peacock Blue Beaded and Glittered Minaret with Floral Gem

Glass Peacock Hand Decorated Reflector Ornaments Set of 12

Kurt Adler Peacock Design Glass Ball Ornament

6 December Diamonds Regal Peacock Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments 3.75″

125-Piece Club Pack of Shatterproof Regal Peacock Blue Christmas Ornaments

Peacock Christmas Decorations

For mantles, tables and any other corners where you have space for large decorations, mix peacock feather sprays with large silk flowers in teal and purple mixed with Christmas greenery. The peacock theme is decidedly Asian, so think Rich and Opulent!

Peacock Christmas Decoration Ideas

Always balance with dull, Baroque-style gold decorations to balance off or you might get carried away with the colors.

Use decorations in Peacock colors as well as motifs to complete the look.

Decorative Christmas Trees in Jewel Peacock Tones

Lighted Peacock Feather Branches


Regal Peacock Bird Decorations

Outdoor Peacock Christmas Decorations

Take your theme outdoors and create a stunning entryway using lighted peacock Christmas decorations.

Outdoor Peacock Christmas Decoration
4 ft. tall Peacock yard decoration with sparkling LED lights

Beyond Decorations

Take your Christmas celebrations beyond just the decorations and add peacock touches in other places too. We love these dimensional peacock gift tags for all our Christmas gifts!

Peacock Gift Tags for Christmas
Punch Studio Peacock Dimensional Gift Tags

Christmas Theme – A White Christmas (Decorating, Gifts, Food, Christmas Tree Decor etc.)

Line the pathway with ‘snowflake’ or ‘star-shaped’ lights available in most stores.

Christmas Theme - A White Christmas Christmas can be such a whirl of deadlines, decisions, budgeting and marketing, that it’s rare to find a bit of quiet reflection in it all. Some years, it’s nice to rest one’s eyes from the flashing red-and-green hubbub, and focus instead on the beauty and peacefulness of a White Christmas season. To make the most of this idea, you should carry the theme throughout the celebration — from tree decorations to gifts, dishes, and even food.


Instead of holly berries and red amaryllis, use flowers such as narcissus, baby’s breath or a splurge of white French tulips; fill glass or crystal jars or flutes with seashells or anything else light in color — even a collection of white buttons can have quite an effect! Line the pathway with ‘snowflake’ or ‘star-shaped’ lights available in most stores.If you keep your eyes open, you will see opportunities all around you.

If you choose to go in for a complete cleanup, fresh paints for walls, new upholstery etc., keep your theme in mind and go in for soft whites and creams. If you are entertaining guests in your home, remember they will see most of the house, not just the living room and dining room. Break out the white or cream-colored sheets and towels; use a large, pearly seashell as a holder for fine soaps; place a glass container of sea salt for the bath, if anyone is spending the night. Use white lights for decorating. They give out a soft glow that brings the magic of white winters to your décor. Line the pathway with ‘snowflake’ or ‘star-shaped’ lights available in most stores.

The Christmas Tree

A delightful idea to take your theme outdoors is to decorate snow-covered trees outdoors with strings of holiday lights. Your main Christmas tree indoors can be decorated in beautiful whites. Use white lights, bows, garlands, ribbons, bead strings, Angels, stars, snowflakes, white painted baubles, white decorations etc. Start with these and you will soon find yourself getting many more ideas.

Food & Entertaining

At the table, treat your guests to party favors of silver-coated Jordan almonds gathered in a bit of tulle, tied with a white or silver ribbon. White candles in silver or crystal candlesticks will brighten the room; you can use several different sizes and styles. A white jacquard tablecloth is particularly nice, as the subtle white-on-white pattern will reflect in the candlelight. For appetizers, try oysters in the shell, served on a bed of rock salt. Serve any brightly-colored foods such as sweet potatoes individually in the hollowed-out shells of white pumpkins. Some of the traditional menu items, of course, will fit right in — the white flesh of a turkey, creamy White Christmas Decorationseggnog, whipped potatoes. For dessert, lighten things up with a Floating Island (fluffy spoonfuls of meringue adrift in a light custard sauce), or white chocolate mousse. You can even lighten a substantial meal with Angel Food Cake topped with white raspberries and zabaglione.


For gifts, consider a winter-white sweater or scarf, crisp linen napkins, or a translucent porcelain tea set for two; a set of crystal tealight holders or a china picture frame, such as Lenox; or, if you really like someone, a cozy cream-colored new-wool throw for cuddling on a white winter’s night.

This article first appeared in the ‘Celebrating Christmas PDF Magazine‘ which is a FREE magazine that you can download and even print out.

Christmas Theme – A Southern Christmas (Decorating, Gifts, Food, Christmas Tree Decor etc.)

The beauty and grace of the South is legendary, and these attributes permeate Southern Christmas festivities as well. With just a little effort, you can bring this feeling into your own home — whether you live in the Southern states, are homesick for your down-south home, or want a break from a relentless winter.

Christmas Theme - A Southern Christmas (Decorating, Gifts, Food, Christmas Tree Decor etc.)


Unlike most themes, which begin with decorations, in the South we are all about the food. Thankfully for those who aren’t southern, many of our recipes have become popular around the world; what family, for instance, doesn’t have a favorite recipe for pecan pie? For a Southern Christmas, you can spike it with bourbon to make it really sing, and embellish it with bourbon-laced whipped cream. Or you can add oysters to your traditional stuffing recipe for a Charleston-style treat.

But I’m ahead of myself; we must begin with hors d’oeuvres and dinner first. Southerners love seafood, and it’s often incorporated into our Christmas festivities. For appetizers, you can include miniature crab cakes, shrimp, or smoked trout (applewood-smoked fish is worth finding). As a delectable first course, try she-crab soup, enriched with cream, sherry and crab roe.

If you want to get really southern, deep-fry your holiday turkey in peanut oil. For this, you will need to buy or rent a turkey fryer, and for heaven’s sake don’t do the job on the wooden deck unless you have good insurance. But the danger is part of the delight, and once you taste fried turkey you’ll never be the same. See our directions and recipe for making a true Southern-style Deep-Fried Turkey.

Baked ham, of course, is another classic; an authentic Smithfield from Virginia is the top of the heap. Soak a country ham overnight in apple juice to remove the salt; you may need to change the juice once or twice, otherwise you’ll just be soaking the meat in brine. Before you cook the ham, rub it with an orange, stud it with cloves and during baking baste it with cider. Once the ham is cooked, you can deglaze the drippings with brandy on the stove, and reduce it to a wonderful sauce. As an alternative to mashed potatoes, try a calorie-ignoring macaroni-and-cheese casserole.

Peas accented with cashew nuts are also a classic, as is sweet potato soufflé. For the latter, whip eggs into warm mashed sweet potatoes, transfer into a buttered casserole dish, top with copious amounts of dark brown sugar or molasses, and add marshmallows. Bake it until the marshmallows are toasted and the soufflé is fluffy. (This is not a true soufflé that will crash at the first draft; it’s just a light, fluffy version of sweet potato casserole). For a more “upscale” experience, combine whole string beans with chestnuts candied in a bourbon and brown- sugar glaze. Jarred whole chestnuts can be costly, but if you try to save money by shelling them yourself you’ll regret it.

The Christmas Tree

For decorations, be sure to focus on the Christmas Tree — southern celebrations revolve around it! To begin with, you can choose a southern breed of Christmas tree. While the

popular spruce is widely grown in North Carolina, there are also the Leyland Cypress, White Pine and Carolina Sapphire Cypress (an attractive blue color without the razor-sharp needles of the Blue Spruce).

Many people like to decorate a tree with bows rather than tinsel or garland; simply tie large bows out of red velvet or plaid ribbon on the branches, and intersperse with your other decorations. Because family is such an important theme in a Southern Christmas, one of the favorite traditions is to display different kinds of nostalgic or meaningful ornaments on the tree.

These might include the crude little trinkets your child made in 1st grade, or even the baby’s first set of mittens, along with favorite southerners are collectors, so a tree can be swathed with only glass ornaments, or mercury glass, or silver and pewter ones.

Natural Decorations

The poinsettia was discovered and named by a native of Charleston, South Carolina, so it is the most southern of decorations. Decorate with plenty of this plant to give your home a southern look.

Citrus fruits also can accent garlands or even be placed in a silver or crystal bowl to enliven a room. Lemons and oranges studded with cloves make a wonderful scented accent. Limes, pomegranates, kumquats and pineapples also can be added to centerpieces. And magnolia leaves are triply beautiful — the glossy green is highlighted by glimpses of the leaves’ bronze underside, and the greenery can last for weeks with only dusting.


Plaid patterns in red, green and even blue are popular in the South, due to the high population of Scotch and Irish descendants. For a traditionally southern gift, simply wrap in a high-gloss red paper and tie with a wide, wired silk plaid bow. The simplicity and elegance of this look bespeaks the southern way of life.

But before you wrap, you must buy — or, if you’re southern, make. Homemade pound cakes, jams and cookies are very popular gifts for friends and neighbors, and are not considered “cheap”. If you have ever tasted anyone’s prized relish or praline recipe, you know such gifts are indeed priceless, and the labor involved is part of the present.

Another traditional southern gift is a bottle of good wine or liquor, something in a price range a little above what the recipient would likely spend on himself. This is particularly popular with men, but be sure the person you are giving it to is neither an alcoholic nor a religious teetotaler!

If you are not southern and simply want to experience the way of life for a season, you can treat your friends and family to southern-themed gifts. There is a world of possibilities here — how about a pair of tickets to a jazz concert, or a small selection of jazz or blues CD’s? or, you can give a finely wrought iron garden decoration or a Portuguese painted porcelain flower pot with some forced bulbs in it.

French and Spanish influences are widespread in the South, so both of these are items found in many Southern homes. A beautiful hat or pair of gloves is a wonderful gift for a lady, or a fine pocket handkerchief or cravat for a man. Southern gentlemen are top-notch dressers, so a set of beautiful brass, enamel or silver buttons can be given to adorn his favorite suit jacket. Or you can stretch the imagination a little and give just about anything made of cotton!

Southern Christmases are about relaxing, spending time with family and friends, and worshipping. So don’t wear yourself out on the details, or you’ll miss the whole point!

This article first appeared in the ‘Celebrating Christmas PDF Magazine‘ which is a FREE magazine that you can download and even print out.

Christmas Theme – Secret Garden Christmas

A Secret Garden Christmas

Whether you want to celebrate your love of gardening, or are looking for ways to honor a friend’s passion, a Secret Garden Christmas is a beautiful and unexpected treat in the midst of winter.

Everyone knows at least one person who is an avid gardener. If you are such a person, no amount of explaining can quite communicate the delicious feeling of dirt-covered hands and a damp hat-band. If you are not, trust those of us who are — it’s the best hobby in the world!

For what other pastime centers around the creation and sustenance of life — and what else could be a more perfect representation of Christmas?

The Christmas Tree

The center of any celebration, of course, must be the Christmas Tree. You want to lavish your “guest of honor” in the finest garb it ever dreamed of.

Use raffia or fresh ivy as a garland, loosely circling the tree. Tuck dried flowers, such as hydrangeas, goldenrod, roses or herbs, into the branches. Fresh juniper or misteltoe berries are welcome here, and you can add bunches of nandina or holly as well.

Place a tree skirt around the bottom, and cover it with straw as if it’s mulched — or, with a couple weeks’ preparation, you can have new grass beneath the tree! Simply sow grass seed in flower pots about two weeks before you’ll need them; keep them watered and you’ll be rewarded with an unexpected flash of spring green in the middle of winter.

A local hardware or home-improvement store can sell you tiny white picket fencing just a few inches tall; place the pots of grass around the tree, and the fence around that, add a few pots of forced bulbs (anything from paperwhites to hyacinth will do, or white amaryllis) and it’s springtime for Christmas.

You can decorate the tree or fill stockings with the small but welcome essentials of gardening; push ornament hooks through packets of seed; a pocket-sized gardener’s journal with a spiral binding can hang from the tree; even a pair of small, fine pruners or goatskin gloves can dangle from a sturdy limb.


Use nature’s bounty to decorate every nook and corner of your house. But add some creativity to the usual garlands and swags by adding surprise elements like fresh or dried flowers, fruits, foliage etc.

Ornamental peppers are making inroads as holiday plants because of their brilliant colors. Decorate inside and out by planting these peppers well ahead of time.


Gifts are the most exciting part of a ‘Secret Garden Christmas’. You an choose from gardening supplies, tools, natural products and decorations, birdhouses – almost anything that has got something to do with nature to keep your gifts in sync with your Christmas theme.

For all gardener’s on your list (you are sure to have many if you plan to celebrate on this theme, I am sure!), a cart laden with Gardener’s tools and favorite plant saplings from the local nursery will make an absolutely delightful gift. Give your gift a festive look by adding a big red bow on one of the cart edges or any of the tool handles. Sprinkle some confetti or streamers in holiday colors amongst the plants to complete the look.

For another great gift idea, round out the stocking with pumice-laced gardener’s soap, good-quality sunscreen, brick clips for attaching trellises to walls, packets of cut-flower food, and other items.

Or, you can do a “gift basket”, using instead a tall bucket perfect for carrying cut flowers, or even a rubber or plastic muck bucket. To this you can add foam bricks of Oasis, stem holders, and a really great handcream, preferably shea butter-based and scented nicely with lavender or almond. You can also make little gift baskets using terracotta pots as containers.

For a rosarian, tomato afficionado, or the person who trims his lawn with manicure scissors, a tremendous gift is a carton or two of milky spore (a microscopic critter that kills Japanese Beetles for oh, a decade). You will be bathed in gratitude for years.
You could also gift something from your own garden. Plant saplings, fruits and veggies – preserved or fresh and add freshly made bouquets if you have flowers in your garden.

Potted plants and Herb Gardens make lovely gifts for everyone. Place lots of potted plants tied with a red bow tied to the pot, in rows on a side table or mantle and ask your guests to take one when they leave, as a party favor.

Decorate your gifts with touches of nature. Use dried flowers, sprigs of evergreens, tiny flowers in holiday colors from your garden etc. to enhance your gift packages.

The key to shopping for a gardener is to remember: the stranger it looks to you, the more likely they are to love it!

This article first appeared in the ‘Celebrating Christmas PDF Magazine‘ which is a FREE magazine that you can download and even print out.

Victorian Christmas Decorating Ideas

Victorian Christmas Decorating Ideas

A Victorian theme can bring classic elegance to your home this Christmas. Victorian decor is romantic and sophisticated, and so easy to achieve. Keep reading for some ideas to help you create a Victorian Christmas wonderland in your home this year!

Victorian Christmas Decorating Ideas

You’ll want to choose a color scheme for your Victorian decorations. This will ensure that all your decorations coordinate and look like they’ve been chosen by a professional designer! There are many different color combinations that are appropriate for a Victorian theme. Usually, your accent color will be either gold or silver, which adds opulence. Your main color can be something like dusty blue, feminine mauve or powder pink, light sage green, or deep, rich cranberry.

victorian christmas door decoration
Victorian Winter Christmas Ice Skate Door Decoration

The focal point of the room is of course the Christmas tree. Place a beautifully embroidered tree skirt that features your color scheme around the bottom of the tree. Then, string white lights around the tree. White lights are classic and match any color scheme. Now, you can begin placing the ornaments on the tree. A trip to most any store that offers Christmas decorations will provide you with many Victorian theme choices. The Victorian theme is hotter than ever — you’re sure to have lots of gorgeous ornaments to select from!

victorian christmas angel tree topper
16″ Red and Gold Christmas Holiday Angel Tree Topper

After your tree is decked out with Victorian flair, you can adorn the rest of your home. Try a lace tablecloth and a beautiful floral centerpiece that contains your colors to give any table an eye-catching richness. A satin, tassel adorned runner over the mantle makes a nice backdrop for your figurines or nativity scene. Candles are always a great addition to a Victorian Christmas themed room. Choose ivory candles in pretty crystal, brass or silver holders for a classic look. Floating candles are also beautiful and attention-getting.

thomas kinkade victorian christmas wreath

For the walls, try matting and framing Victorian themed Christmas cards, which can be picked up from most any stationery store. A wrought iron birdcage hung from the ceiling and filled with ivy and silk blossoms also brings classic beauty to any room. Try playing soft instrumental Christmas music that features popular Victorian instruments like the harp to add extra ambiance.

With a little shopping and a lot of creativity, you can turn your home into a beautiful Victorian themed holiday haven!