7 Beautifully Festive Christmas Tree Themes

7 Festive Christmas Tree Themes

These beautifully styled designer Christmas trees are sure to be the focal point of your Christmas decorations and will probably inspire the rest of your decorations as well. Get inspired by these creative festive Christmas tree themes to decorate your own masterpiece.

Burnished Treasure

Burnt Autumn Palette Christmas Tree Decorating Theme

Look for decorations in deep autumnal color palettes for this look. Start with over-sized poinsettias in burnt orange and fill up spaces with smaller decorations in colors ranging from reds, autumn oranges to gold and copper.

Traditional Red

Traditional Red Christmas Tree Decorating Theme

Go all traditional with reds this Christmas. Large polyester poinsettias will add a designer look to your tree. Fill in the spaces with traditional shapes and colors like red, green and gold.

Champagne Frost

Champagne Frost Christmas Tree Decorating Theme in Champagne and Silver

Champagne and Silver come together to decorate this elegant Christmas tree for the festivities. Start by adding evenly-spaced large champagne colored poinsettias to the tree and then fill up with smaller balls and ornaments in champagne, sparkling silver, frosted and beaded. Champagne colored sprays and boughs add a lovely look to the tree.

Holiday Menagerie

Holiday menagerie Christmas tree decorating theme - A Colorful tree for the kids

For a tree bursting in color that is sure to please the kids, go for an all-white tree to showcase colored decorations. Look for solid and striped ornaments in assorted candy colors. Add a ‘zoo’ look to the tree with animal shaped ornaments which will be loved by the younger ones.

Partridge in a Pear Tree

Nature Themed Christmas Tree Decorating

Go all natural with your Christmas tree decorating this Christmas. Look for rustic colors and natural decorations. Add grass, oak leaf and pine tree sprays along with bird and nest ornaments. Bundles of feathers and fruit laden branches will add to the charm of this nature-themed tree.

Merry Winter

Merry Winter Christmas Tree Decorating Theme with Santa, Snowmen, Snowflakes and Winter Symbols

All things that make winters bright and cheerful make this tree a favorite! From large sleigh bells to snowflakes, stockings, warm mittens to pinecones, Santa and Snowmen, this tree has them all! Add homespun felt ornaments to make the tree even more personal.

Designer Hot Pink

Hot Pink and White Christmas Tree Theme

If you are looking for a more offbeat and modern theme, consider decorating your tree along the lines of this designer Christmas tree. Jeweled poinsettias in hot pink set the theme on a white tree. Add trumpet flower and mistletoe sprays in pink with a few touches of silver sprays and ornaments here and there.

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Step by step Christmas Tree Decorating – Finally, the Ornaments

Step by step Christmas Tree Decorating - Finally, the Ornaments

In this step by step Christmas tree decorating guide, we told you that it is important to start with lights and follow them up with garlands. Now it is time to hang all the ornaments that you have collected over the years. The best way to do this is to assemble all your decorations together first.

Step by step Christmas Tree Decorating - Finally, the Ornaments

Here’s how you can achieve the perfect look with your Christmas tree ornaments.

Mix some special ornaments along with the generic ones.

Special ornaments like birdhouses, angels, special handcrafted ornaments should be mixed with the regular red, white and green baubles.

For an interesting variety, mix a variety of shapes like icicles, tear drops and stars together.

To showcase all your ornaments properly, hang the largest ornaments first. Space them evenly apart.

Fill in around them with medium and small sizes, balancing the overall look.

Finish with your special ornaments such as specialty shapes, angels, crystals, birdhouses etc.

Just like the lights, create some depth by hanging some ornaments around the trunk.

If decorating around a theme, use ornaments to match the theme.

First, the Lights

Next, the Garlands

Finally, the Ornaments…

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas, Tips and Themes

Beautiful Blue and Silver Christmas Tree

Christmas decorations and accents turn your holiday home into a special place you and your guests will love. There is no doubt that the Christmas tree is the focal point of all Christmas decorations. See some of the season’s best Christmas tree decoration ideas to dress your home for the festive season.

Beautiful Blue and Silver Christmas Tree
Beautiful Blue and Silver Christmas Tree


  • Use lots of lights. If your tree is loaded with ornaments, limit lights to one color to simplify the look. If your tree is sparse, put up multi-colored lights to help fill it out.
  • Put lights on the inside branches as well as the outside ones to illuminate ornaments.
  • Attach lights from the bottom up, working so that they’re concentrated at the bottom of the tree and gradually thin out toward the top.
  • Work from the inside out when hanging ornaments. Put large shiny ones on the inside branches to reflect light and fill out dark spots.
  • If your ornament collection is skimpy, use candy canes, ribbons, tinsel, doilies and even seashells to fill out the tree. To add glitter, hang pinecones, walnuts and bay leaves that have been spray-painted with nonflammable gold or silver paint.
  • Decorate the bottom of the tree. If you don’t have a skirt, use a festive tablecloth or quilt, a piece of lace or a red sheet or fabric tablecloth.
  • To give your tree personality, hang ornaments with gold cording or velvet ribbon instead of wire hooks.


  • Hang a grapevine wreath on the inside of your front door, punch a hole in each card and attach with a ribbon. Tuck sprigs of holly and evergreen between the cards.
  • Put your favorite cards in the corners of picture frames and mirrors throughout the house.
  • Wrap the banister with garland and berries. Hang cards from it with red ribbon or cord.
  • Hang wide ribbon or strips of holiday fabric cut with pinking shears on either side of the front door. Pin cards to it as they come in.

Christmas Tree Themes

• Living Christmas Tree

Decorate a living Christmas tree this year! Decorate a tabletop or a medium-sized tree with gerberas or any other hardy flowers.

• Snow Theme Christmas Tree

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• Creative Christmas Tree Themes

• Snow Theme Christmas Tree

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• Creative Christmas Tree Themes

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Step by Step Christmas Tree Decorating – Start With the Lights

Christmas Tree Decorating - Start With the Lights

The right way to begin step by step Christmas tree decorating is to start with the lights first.

Starting at the base of the trunk and working up, wrap the lights around every major branch, moving from the trunk to the tip and back.

Christmas Tree Decorating - Start With the Lights

Do not just wrap the cables around the outside of the tree branches. It gives the tree more sparkle when it is lit from the inside as well.

String the lights around the trunk as well as the branches to light the tree from inside as well as from outside.

Use different types of lights. Faceted glass bulbs appear brighter. Small twinkle lights and colored lights also bring a lot of sparkle and shine.

LED lights are also useful as they can be kept illuminated for a longer time without the fear of lights getting too hot.

You can use single colored lights if working on a themed tree or mix and match a variety of different colored lights.

Read more on Christmas Tree Lighting Tips and learn how to create the great look you see in commercial sights and magazines in Tips for Professional Christmas Tree Lights

Next: Next, the Garlands


Tips for Professional Christmas Tree Lights

Tips for Professional Christmas Tree Lights

Lighting is a critical part of decorating your tree. To get a designer effect you need to add many more lights than average. You will get a big result for the dollars you invest. I recall a time when I tossed 2-3 light strings loosely around the tree and thought I was doing pretty good …..well after seeing the difference of professional Christmas tree lights, I’ll never go back.

Tips for Professional Christmas Tree Lights
A beautiful Christmas tree decorated with silver and white ribbons and professional looking lights

Here’s how to create the great look you see in commercial sights and magazines:

You will need 1 string of 100 lights per foot of tree, i.e.: a 6′ tree needs 6 strings of 100 lights-600 lights all together! This is a fairly reasonable investment at $3-5 per strand (watch for periodic sales throughout Christmas-at any given time someone usually has them on special.). With proper care and storage they can be used for 3-4 years. The above photo shows the dramatic results….this is a 20′ fresh Noble with over 2,000 lights for a striking effect!

If your tree is over 5′ tall it is a good idea to get a tree cord. These handy items are now sold at most drug and discount retailers. They are green and have sets of plug ins along the cord. Why do you need so many plugs when mini lights draw so little power? Don’t miss reading this next part…..(it will save endless frustration) You can never, never ( I mean it!) plug in more than 3 strings of 100 lights together. While they do not draw that much power there are tiny fuses in the plug of each string that will immediately burn out if any more power than that goes through them. You will have lights that burn with very little maintenance if you follow this rule. Your lights will also work better if you start of by buying them bundled in small boxes rather than on plastic racks. When removed from the rack, lights often get wires broken or bulbs pulled just loose enough that half the string will not work. If this is all that is available plug them in while you are removing them from the rack so that as soon as there is a problem you will find it.

Now that you have your materials here are some tips for getting the job done. This is going to take some time so put on some nice holidays music, get a cup of hot cider or cocoa and some comfy clothes. Long sleeves are a good choice to keep from getting poked by the tree as much….and if your tree is flocked-don’t wear a sweater….trust me.

I feel it is simplest to start at the tip and work your way down . Keep in mind that you always want to end with the pronged plug going down the tree toward your power source. Plug all your power together and make sure your lights are burning while you are putting them on. This assures an even coverage and also will alert you the moment that a bulb is knocked loose…half or all of the string will usually go out. Some strings will go half out during the process, if they do not respond right away or go out again after being fixed, it is usually best to remove them and return them to the store for a replacement….you might be able to make them work for the moment but, undoubtedly, they will give you trouble along the way and aren’t the holidays already stressful enough?

To begin drop the plug down into the top of the tree so it will be hidden and then begin to wrap the branches in a spread out manor. To tightly wrap them you will need even more lights. If you are wrapping an artificial tree you need to wrap each branch or it will look patchy. While your at it, you might as well light it in sections so that after the season is over you can put each section in a plastic bag and you won’t be relighting the same tree each year. They should be good for 3-4 years. After that the bulbs will probably be getting fairly thin…

If you will be using a very dense fresh tree you would wrap every other branch. For sparser Nobles, you will probably need every branch wrapped. To gauge how you are doing when you are just about 2/3 down the tree, you should have a little more than half of your lights left to go (this is because the bottom branches really take a lot more than the top portion of the tree.

The key to good tree lighting is that the cords of the lights hug the tree branches and are not immediately noticeable. Come out to the end of the branch and then wrap 2-3 times on the way back to hold the first bit of cord fast to the branch. When you get in towards the trunk where it isn’t very noticeable, go across to another branch. Putting lights back into the inside of the tree gives it allot of depth and creates a beautiful display.

Julie Ann Bennett is an award winning designer and president of Holidays, a premier holiday display design firm in the Pacific North West.  Holidays’ client list includes the largest building on the West coast, The Columbia Tower in Seattle and The Hotel Monaco which was featured on a list of “The World’s Hippest Hotels” by In Style Magazine last year.

Step by Step Christmas Tree Decorating – The Basics

Step by Step Christmas Tree Decorating - The Basics

What goes first? The lights or the garland? They key to successful and hassle-free Christmas tree decorating is to go the proper way and follow all steps. Our step by step Christmas tree decorating guide shows you a simplified way to trim your tree. Before we begin the actual decorating process, let’s start with the basics.

Step by Step Christmas Tree Decorating - The Basics

Cover the Floor

It is always a good idea to cover the floor (no matter if hardwood, natural stone or carpet) with a large piece of plastic in order to protect it from scratches and stains. If you don’t use a tree skirt, cover the plastic with a subtle colored piece of fabric.
Keep your tree Fresh

Keep the water reservoir in your tree stand full, especially during the tree’s first days and week indoors. Most trees with a fresh cut (which will induce water absorption) will drink many quarts of water in the first few hours, so check the water level in your tree stand several times a day for about a week, and less frequently thereafter.


Start Decorating in the following order: Lights, Garlands, Ornaments. Assemble all boxes together before starting the decorating process.


Mix some special ornaments along with the generic ones. Special ornaments like birdhouses, angels, special handcrafted ornaments should be mixed with the regular baubles.

Perfect Time

The perfect time to decorate a tree is in the Evening. It will bring out the entire magic of the twinkling lights and sparkling ornaments.

Now, let’s begin decorating. Start with the Lights

Feng Shui Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Pink Christmas Tree - Feng Shui recommends pink tree decorations for love and romance

One of the most wonderful things about Christmas is the decorations and most particularly the spectacular centerpiece – the Christmas Tree. Follow these guidelines and enjoy a beautifully transformed magical home over the whole Christmas with some Feng Shui suggestions.

Pink Christmas Tree - Feng Shui recommends pink tree decorations for love and romance
Feng Shui recommends pink tree decorations for love and romance
  • Use plenty of green. Christmas can be stressful because there is so much red fire energy. Pine green is a cooling colour, so plants and evergreens will cool the atmosphere and bring peace and good feelings. Green also absorbs the fire energy that is created by fairy lights as well as the warmth generated by lots of people together. Its soothing colour will tone and balance the colour red.
  • Angels and cherubs are lucky symbols – they fill the room with good will, peace and a fairytale atmosphere.
  • Make sure everyone (including house guests) places something on the Christmas tree so that they put their own special feelings into it to make the gathering more special.
  • Heed the Chinese phrase ‘ five colors blind’ – which means too much color, sound and activity can have a numbing effect upon on. Too much food and color will exhaust the family, so don’t put up decorations too early.


Feng Shui Christmas tree decoration ideas cannot be complete without going into details of the effects of different colors.

GOLD & SILVER – can strengthen your intuition and it represents ostentation, money and fame.

RED – the color of life – and the most auspicious color of all. It relates to growth, happiness and joy. It is the great energizer representing deep and passionate love. It is also believed to keep away evil forces.

BLUE – represents spiritualism, thoughtfulness and consideration. It is associated with faith, constancy and fidelity; this color is cooling and calming.

PURPLE – is often considered more auspicious than red. It is associated with high ideals, loyalty, truth, love and suffering. It is often the color of high nobility indicating power, riches and fortunes.

WHITE – is the color of mourning, it is said to have no life, no color. It is the color of purity, innocence and naivety. Feng Shui would prefer you not to use this color.

PINK – is healing and represents love and romance. It is a very soothing color and it raises our vibrations so it is a very healthy color to have around you. It represents joy, happiness and especially romance.

MULTI – COLORED – this represents the union of all the colors in the spectrum and each color will impart its special nature, do make sure that multi colored decorations are always used on green Christmas trees as the green balances our whole system and brings order and harmony.

For more information visit http://www.fengshuisite.com/ 

Sarah Shurety is Britain’s leading Feng Shui consultant. Sarah has written for the Daily Mail for the past five years and is the author of the best sellers ‘Feng Shui for your Home’ and ‘Quick Feng Shui Cures. Her first book was serialised by the Saturday Telegraph, the second by the Daily Mail. She has appeared on many television channels, numerous radio broadcasts and also in national and international newspapers. Her clients include Jilly Cooper, Reuters, Mars Confectionery, Lloyds Bank, Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, Gloria Hunniford, Anton Mosiman, Anthony Worral Thompson to name but a few.

Snow Themed Christmas Tree

Snow Themed Christmas Tree

This Christmas, why not choose a theme for your tree decor? A theme makes it fun and easy to decorate your tree and gives any room a polished and pulled together look. One popular theme that always looks appropriate and beautiful is snow. After all, snow and winter go hand in hand. Even if you don’t have snow on the ground, you can bring the look of white, sparkling beauty into your home. 

Snow Themed Christmas Tree

The first thing to do is choose your tree. Some people insist on a real tree. Real trees are beautiful and traditional, but require some work. You’ll need to keep your tree watered to avoid drying. A dry tree can be a serious fire hazard, but not if you take proper precautions. You’ll also want to make sure the tree you choose is free from insect infestation. Another issue is that of shedding pine needles. However, if you have taken all these factors into consideration and still want a real tree this year, there are many beautiful selections from which you can choose. There are many different species of evergreen that make ideal Christmas trees, including: Fraser Fir, Noble Fir, Balsam Fir and Norway Spruce, to name a few. Now, if you want an artificial tree, you’ll find lots of attractive choices available in many different sizes and even colors. An artificial tree does require some assembly. However, it’s simple to reuse your artificial tree year after year.

After you’ve chosen your tree and set it up in your home, it’s time to decorate!

For a snow themed Christmas tree, the primary color of your decorations should be white. Choose classic white lights to put on first. Your lights can be solid, or twinkling. Be sure to check the lights for blown bulbs before placing them on the tree. After you’ve wrapped the light strands evenly around your tree, you can start thinking of ornaments. For a snow theme, you can try snowman ornaments or crystal clear snowflake ornaments. Miniature wooden sleds also make cute additions! White glass balls also fit well. If you need a bit of color, there are many ways to achieve it. Try hanging wrapped candy canes on the tree for a hint of red. Or, nestle fake birds in the branches of your tree for a rustic appearance. For the top of your tree, try a bright white star, snowflake or snowman. You’ll also need a tree skirt. For a snowy look, go for pure winter white. You can even pile fake snow around the tree for a realistic snowy look. There’s also fake snow that comes in a can, it can be sprayed lightly on your tree to give a light snow-kissed appearance.

There are alternative ways to achieve a snow theme Christmas tree. You could go for an artificial white tree adorned with pale blue ornaments for an icy appearance. Use your imagination to come up with ideas for your snow theme Christmas tree. Even if it’s not snowing outside, you can still experience the majesty of a snowy day indoors!


Toddler Friendly Christmas Decorating Idea

Toddler Friendly Christmas Tree Decorating Idea with Stuffed Toys

This pretty Christmas tree made using stuffed toys can be a Christmas tree alternative in a kids room or baby nursery, or simply a kid-friendly decoration to brighten up any corner of your home. Make Christmas special for your toddler.

Toddler Friendly Christmas Tree Decorating Idea with Stuffed Toys
A Teddy Bear Christmas Tree for Kids

Skip the real or artificial fir and create your own toddler-friendly version with stuffed toys like teddy bears. A nursery stool gives the necessary shape and height to this tree. Group together little teddy bears (dressed up in Red and Green, if possible) on the stool and at its base. A star-shaped straw wreath makes for the tree topper and the pretty nativity tole painting plaque adds to the lovely decoration.

More Ideas for Toddler-friendly Christmas Decorations

Christmas Tree Decorating for Toddlers

When decorating for Christmas, take into consideration your little one. Keep your fragile ornaments in their boxes and decorate the Christmas tree with paper chains, paper snowflakes, edible ornaments, stuffed toys, or other unbreakable and safe items.

Around the House

Hunt for large stuffed toys like Santa, snowmen and elves that your toddler will love. If you do not wish to spend money on them, use existing large toys and dress them up in festive colors and stitch gifts into their hands or Santa hats on to their heads.

Use some of your toddler’s soft toys. Our ‘Raggedy Ann and Andy’ always find their way into any decor, whether it is for Christmas or for a Birthday party. Set them up near the fireplace, on a corner table or on a shelf having tea or a picnic.

More Ideas for Making Christmas Special for Your Toddler.